Learner Video Assignment, Free Paper for You

Published: 2022-03-01
Learner Video Assignment, Free Paper for You
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Learner Video Assignment

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Mike Smyth is a 2014 graduate from the University of Delaware with a major in finance and marketing. During his time at the university, he was heavily involved in both RSOs and different part time jobs which enabled him to gain experiences both in his major and other extra-curricular activities. He participated as a student alumni ambassador helping new students and their families. During his time at the university, he was able to get involved with exchange programs and interns which allowed him to travel to Europe. These internships eventually landed him a job with the New York stock exchange after his studies at the university.

Isabelle Hastings is a 2016 graduate of UD currently working at Morgan Stanly as an intern audit analyst. At UD, she engages in several RSOs including business fraternity and executive mentor programs that helped her excel and gain more experience as a finance major. She believes in the interaction between students, professors and college advisors who can help students significantly develop in their career paths.

Eryn Johnson is a 2016 graduate from UD business school with a degree in finance and marketing. While at UD, she was involved with different organizations and activities. She was involved in students' mentorship programs where she helped new students and also as a tutor for the finance departments. She was also involved in several internship programs both in her junior and senior years of college which she believes was the key in choosing her current major. She believes that numerous programs offered by UD are there for a reason and she advices students to take on as many relevant activities as possible that can help them excel in their career paths.

From the videos, I have uncovered a lot about the university in terms of academic excellence and extra-curricular activities. The University of Delaware is known for its academic excellence in almost every field of study. However, from the University Alumni videos, it is clear that the University offers more than just the obvious academic excellence but activities that have helped different students to jumpstart their careers. Apart from numerous clubs and organizations that allow interactions of different students with different backgrounds, the university provides various majors for students to choose from. This is crucial since it gives students a wider range of career choices and opportunities. Similarly, the university provides students with intern opportunities right from their freshmen year until their graduation day which enable them to gain experiences from different fields and careers. This can further help these students choose their majors based on certain career experiences and not just the course outline. What really surprised me the most is the exchange programs that the University offers. For instance, Mike Smyth got an opportunity to study in Italy and France, the same course he would have studied at UD. This kind of opportunities builds students experiences and interaction traits that are very crucial in the job markets. In addition, cultural experiences expose students to a much broader worldview which can help them make certain career decisions maturely based on what they have actually seen. Moreover, the first year experience pure metro program allows students gain much experience alongside their professors in teaching the first year curriculum. This further reinforces the students' knowledge and experience of the course.

There is a lot I have come to learn about the alumni involvement in RSO in Delaware University. The University offers several organizations including the marketing club, student mentor programs, and business fraternity. These on-campus organizations equip students with certain career and life skills that are usually needed in real markets. For instance, these organizations equip students with leadership skill, developing awareness experiences and even developing extra skills such as photography. The videos clearly indicate the importance of student organizations and how they help students develop their career paths. Most students prefer getting involved with more than one organization to diverse their experience in all fields.

There are several actions and activities I am planning to engage in once I register with the University. The videos have helped me a lot in understanding what UD actually offers and the best way to gain in my eventual four years of college. In my first few weeks at UD, I would love to get to know the university and understand various programs it offers. I would try to get involved with as many relevant registered organizations to help me gain different experiences in various fields. I would also love to get involved in internship programs to help me gain focus and knowledge on the course that I will choose. This will be crucial in helping me decide on my major in the coming years. In addition, I would love to get involved with exchange programs to gain more experience in other colleges to help me strengthen my career path and experience.

The videos taught me a lot about students' interactions with their colleagues and their professors. What students learn in class about job markets and careers does not even make half of what is to come after college life. The videos stress much on utilizing the professors, student advisors, campus employers and peers to be able to understand the job market fully. These people will also advise you on your week areas and help you achieve your dreams by doing what you are actually good at.

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