Essay Sample on My House, My Boundaries

Published: 2023-01-17
Essay Sample on My House, My Boundaries
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My House, My Boundaries is an article in which the author tries to pass his message by use of a metaphor. The metaphor My House, My Boundaries simply implies how the family is subdivided either psychologically, emotionally or physically separateness among themselves irrespective of their roles in ensuring that there are good relationships between their families and human beings. The paper will, therefore, discuss the flashback of my family by drawing its illustration from the interactions that took place at different instances of the family boundaries for instance at the gate, porch, living room, kitchen, bedroom, washroom, family room and basing my ideas on the article My House, My Boundaries.

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My family managed to design a floor plan which it accommodated all the family members. The floor plan was structured in such a way that it consisted of the gate. At the gat, I succeeded to interact with gates guards who were employed by my father to offer security. We shared a lot with them, for example; why they prefer to come to be our guardians and why not other places (Gabbard, 14). According to their opinion, being our guarding was their choice since they received privileges such as reasonable payment and fair treatment as compared to other places they had even initially done their duties.

The other physical appearance of our house and regarding family boundaries also comprised of the porch where I encountered my aunt. We managed to interact with him on matters concerning career choice since he had become successful; hence, he was a role model to me. He influences my career choice by encouraging me on the usefulness of the career choice and how best it can suit with the adjacent society that I lived. Although the information that we shared with my aunt was seen to be essential to us, it seemed to be a disaster to the outsiders because they were not happy about it since they did not want to compete. Also, our house had a living room. At the living room, we come into conversation with my father, and he advised me on matters about life issues such as decision-making and how to live a morally upright life.

At the kitchen, I come across my mother, and she managed to pass some information to me. She thought me how to prepare food. The idea that I gained from my mother was significant in line with my life as well as my career because I was now able to prepare food for our family while she is away and even for myself when I am away from our home for instance when furthering my studies. Moreover, our house also had a bedroom where I interacted with my girlfriend (Shaffer, 16). The dominant topic that we raised at this particular room was the matter concerning how we should try our best to sustain our love from being eroded by intruders before we marry each other. We also discuss the issue of forgiveness when one partner had gone wrong. The influence that depicted itself in this specific room was the happiness that I received from my partner.

The house that I was also brought up also had a washroom. The washroom was important to me since I used it to wash my clothes and to bathe as it consisted of showers. Furthermore, it had a family room. At the family room, all the members of our family usually ascertain themselves to discuss the matters affecting them. The family boundaries that were adhered to at this room was the virtue of respect to every speech that was contributed by different people of my family.

In conclusion, after being brought up in a role model family, I am also featuring in my future life. On shadowing my future life, I wish to have some boundaries, especially on matters linked to marriage. I wish each of our partners to adhere to marriage institution virtues such as respect, love, forgiveness, and trust.

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