Leadership Paper Example of the Charge Nurse

Published: 2020-10-12
Leadership Paper Example of the Charge Nurse
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Creating new ideas, setting direction, and inspiring my team members was not an easy job. However, it was educating and exciting, even though this was due to the various leadership styles I used in order to ensure that the team moved in the right direction, in an effective and smooth way. Visionary, coaching, affiliation, pacesetting, democratic, and laissez-faire are the leadership styles I used in the group.

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I feel I was able to manage the team well and effectively. This is because I was visionary and this allowed me to develop new goals and objective as well as allowing the team members to be free to take risk, innovate and experiment. Second, coaching has help the team members to develop each other weakness thus ensuring that the performance of the group is improves. For instance, members who had some weakness were helped by those who were strong in those areas; thus ensuring that all team members were more aware on various areas especially on their weakest areas. Third, the style of being affiliative has enhanced teamwork and harmony in the team. This is because its team members felt more connected due to increase in communication and moral support. Fourth, including team members in the group decision making has enhanced creativity and ownership. Moreover, this made team members to be satisfied with their group responsibilities thus increasing the productivity of their work. Lastly, the laissez-faire style ensured that everyone had his or her freedom while doing their work. Essentially, this ensured that everyone was responsible for his or her task thus encouraging each and every person to play their part effectively.

When making our assignment, we highly considered our goals and objectives. This assisted the team in ensuring that we do not fall out of our main agendas and move in the right direction. Moreover, it ensured our time and resources were used effectively in order to ensure that the team was more productive in their assignment. Additionally, developing a plan greatly assisted us in carrying out task in an economically and in a systematic manner. Critically, it created a platform on various activities and products we required in order to meet the set objective and move in the right direction.

I believe I led the team appropriately. This is because we successfully achieved our goals and objectives. The rationale for this was that I ensured that every team member participated in group decision making thus enhancing team work and creativity. I have learnt a lot from the whole experience. First, I have realized that in order to be successful in everything one has to work with other people. This is because it helps a person to acquire more ideas and also enhance on his or her own designs (Schultz and Sydney, 2010). Second, I have learnt that being discipline is an essential quality to success. This is because it guides a person to do the right thing at the right time no matter the temptation.

If given a chance to be a team leader again I would not change my leadership style. However, I would be more patient on my team members. This would greatly help me to avoid unwanted tension and worries on productivity of the members. Critically, it will enable me to trust my team members even more on their different responsibilities.


Schultz, D. and Sydney E. (2010). Psychology and work today : An introduction to industrial and organizational psychology (10th ed.). Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Prentice Hall

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