Leadership Journey Reflection. Free Essa

Published: 2023-10-16
Leadership Journey Reflection. Free Essa
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Defining moments are crises and problems that illustrate the leadership capability that lies in a person (Dahlvig & Longman, 2010). The moment plays a vital role in the person by revealing what is already inside an individual. That is, they expose an individual as a fraud or confirm his competence. The moments also provide the opportunity for followers to view the true colors of their leader and bring self-realization to the leader (Balmer et al. 2006). Another role of the defining moments includes the purification of motives (Ladkin, 2008). This motive purification entails cutting across superficialities and pressing real reason out. They work from inside of the leader thus helping leaders to note the driving strength behind their influence. Lastly, defining a moment accelerates maturity and growth. This stress and pressure brought by defining moments influence growth that would otherwise not occur in normal circumstances. The purpose of this paper will be to reflect on the five defining moments of Leadership and motivation that I have experienced.

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During my high school period, I had good moments, but the best moments that I have ever experienced are when I gave a speech as a student representative. So it was my first time to provide an encouragement speech. Although I did not want to give it, I did, and it was my best moment. When I went to give out the address, I feared, and upon completing the speech, I felt much better for the effort and courage I applied during the process. From that time, I now feel good when giving encouragement speech because I understand that I can deliver better what message I have and inspire many students. The learnings that I obtained made the moment pleasant, as I know, I have to believe and trust in myself. Thus, what people can learn from my experience is that they have to outdo fear and not allow it to control themselves as it is hard to know their capabilities if they fear.

I went for an internship at a company where I was assigned the role of organizing a product exhibition. There, I was assigned the task of understanding the products of the company and the features associated. Additionally, I was entrusted with marketing, researching, and analysis of the industry. The act of researching was based on import documents and legislation required for importation from various nations. I was also posting materials on Facebook pages and doing keyword researching. I majorly covered the latest promotions and activities, sales campaigns, and current trends. I would also look for a particular social medium that could easily be approached for the aim of subjecting the company product for trials. I assured the company management of the quality job. I managed to get the work done timely, and the company greatly entrusted me since then. Towards the completion of my internship, I was assigned the best monumental task, which entailed proposing and implementing a three weeks marketing campaign for an enormous market. My role as the leader during the running of the campaign was to organize and provide answers to customer's inquiries and also meeting potential customers for the campaign through different platforms. I ensured email blasting, Instagram, and Pinterest to existing clients, Facebook cost-per-mile, and Facebook fan page was used to provide optimal reach with minimum cost. Throughout the internship, I demonstrated high competency in all the services

Another defining moment was on marketing and communication, where I was actively involved in youth to the business page as an expert. As a leader of the business forum, I had to operate business games for all the members. I managed to come out with the business game for the members and came out with the procedure on how the youth to the business forum and the members involved could follow to run the game. Additionally, I was in charge of building the management of the firm. I cooperated with the building manager to obtain data on the quantity of generators diesel usage and building space. This experience was challenging since I had to explain to the building manager, who was reluctant to divulge the data, and I had to tell him the real truth on how we can reduce destruction globally. Through marketing and communication, I acquired insight and learned a lot from the research I did. Also, since the business had an internal database that required the ability and skills to search, it equipped me with the ability to look for quality and appropriate knowledge.

Another defining moment was from Martin Luther King (MLK) paper, where I understood the need for determination, treating all members under my Leadership equally, and avoiding discrimination (Radwan, 2020). This leadership concept leaves a significant impact that prevails for generations. MLK states that he would fight hard for democracy to accomplish his dream that would save his sons in the future. Also, the urge to remain focused despite the obstacles is a factor that cannot be underrated in Leadership. Confidence, competency, and certainty is another crucial requirement for a leader. For instance, MLK trusted in himself, which created a trust to his followers. Lastly, the paper explains precisely that in Leadership, one must encounter challenges and which should be handled with intelligence and peacefully.

Another best defining moment I experienced was on job rotation, which involved the rotation in departments like customer services, operations and accounts, express department, and sales and marketing department. In the latter, I understood how to approach, talk, and explaining to potential customers about the firm's services. It turned hard and intimidating me since I move out physically or talk with them through phone but struggled and acquired excellent communication skills. In employee relations, I learned how to address employees concerning their challenges as it was under human resources. I needed to jot warning letters for people who broke the firm rules and regulations. Though it was challenging to tell satisfied employee, I had become fair and firm (Paglis & Green, 2002). At the customer services section, I handled customer's issues like damaged items, missing goods, and lost items. Here I acquired fast solving skills as I required to take customer complaints, though it was difficult. The entire customer services section was more challenging than the other because some customers were rude

The critical common themes experienced in my defining moments are based on the artifacts through which I borrowed the knowledge in my attempt to explain my leadership journey paper. I identified four themes arising from the objects illustrating leadership development (Shamir, & Eilam, 2005). The critical idea states that Leadership develops naturally for the leaders under consideration, and thus nothing such leaders do or happens to them, but the journey into Leadership is a natural growth process. The second theme states that those who rise into Leadership does so through coping with hardship and struggle. The third theme suggests that leaders see development into Leadership as learning from experience, and they stress this as essential to the growth of Leadership. The last idea is seen in political leaders, and here they view development into Leadership as finding and pursuing the cause. To sum up, stories are potent ways used by leaders to influence their followers.

The above themes are shaping my leadership vision by facilitating the development of more positive leadership forms like a servant, authentic, transformational, among others, which aids my self-development, thus substantially holds the idea of self- awareness. This leadership form will increase emotional intelligence and, if influenced by past experiences of life, can triggers challenges. Under such circumstances, since I will have acquired the capacity to reflect on previous experiences, I will have developed positive psychological abilities; thus, I will be able to react to such trigger events.

The first personal and professional goal that motivates me is becoming adaptable to change, meaning that whenever I experience changes, I will adapt quickly. During the transition time, I will use my skills and strengths to help my team feel much comfortable and secure at work. The second goal includes building bold connections with all people in the workplace (Mitchell & Ronald, 2010). I will cooperate and collaborate with everyone in all circumstances. The creation of strong interpersonal links at work will enable me to acquire much support in challenging situations. To ensure the bold exist, I will encourage my team to link together through the facilitation of team building functions. When every individual understands the colleague better, they might feel motivated, productive, and satisfied at work.

The third goal is becoming a better mentor, which involves the provision of guidance, advice, and coaching to my team. Mentorship is a sufficient priority that will help my team in individual growth and role development. To enhance this, I will attend each individual and discuss each career goals they have. Then I will work with every individual in the firm to find ways of fulfilling their purposes. After that, I will provide regular advice and feedback to aid them in the realization of their goals. I will demonstrate caring for the personal development of each through listening and challenging everyone with emerging opportunities.

The other goal is looking for decision-making criteria that ensure wiser decisions are continuously made at work. These criteria will make the meeting of more deadlines as the teams complete their assigned task soon. As a leader, I will reason about the decisions from varying perspectives. I will consult the group before decision making to obtain their ideas and thus ensure the making of better choices. The last goal relates to the development of self-discipline and personal responsibility. To achieve this goal, I will demonstrate leadership qualities so that I manage to in teaching others how to lead their work and take responsibility. The conditions define the acceptance of all duties, including one's behaviors, outcomes, actions, and decisions, whether they are negative or positive. It means seeing personal successes and mistakes and equally appreciating gifts and lessons they impart. The development of self-discipline defines a strong leadership in that the leader assumes actions and decisions in a controlled and unbiased manner and will be prepared and fully aware of the implications of such decisions and actions.

The critical leadership and motivation concepts from John Adair's book play an essential part in defining a path that leader should follow. He states that motivation comes from the environment one is working in and within a person (Adair 2009). According to (Adair 2009), individuals are motivated by different and complex factors. Understanding people's motivating factors is essential to engaging their focus and interest in their efforts. Therefore Adair outlined eight concepts to motivation for leaders (Adair 2009). They include self-motivation, electing highly motivated individuals, treating every person individually, setting challenging and realistic goals, remembering that progress motivates, creating an environment that drives, provision of fair rewards, and finally giving recognition. Application of the Adair concept ensures a smooth running of the leadership process.

In summary, there are many opportunities to exercise everything I learn about Leadership and therefore continue reading more documents from prominent sources to improve my skills and concept in Leadership.

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