Essay Sample on Coping with Stress: Practical Steps for Julie's Well-Being

Published: 2023-12-26
Essay Sample on Coping with Stress: Practical Steps for Julie's Well-Being
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The first step would be to help Julie recognize that there is a problem. She may not be aware that she is stressed out due to all that is happening around her. She is going through so much both at home and at work, and all that pressure causes her to be stressed. Most of the time, people do not admit to themselves that they are struggling, and they, therefore, end up being in denial even when there are warning signs that they cannot cope any longer. Helping Judie recognize her problems and all the sources of her stress that is all the things that may make her have stress, including her work, husband, and children, is very important as it helps her figure out the way forward when coping with stress.

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Helping Julie recognize the problem may be effective as it would help her identify factors that make her stressed out, after which she can be able to focus on these factors ad find ways of solving the problems that she is having (Terziev & Georgiev, 2017). For instance, she can opt to talk to her employers and explain to them that they are being overworked or talk with her family on ways they can live together in peace, which will help a great way to cope with her stress.

The next step would be encouraging Julie to engage in activities that help her relax. Despite her busy schedule, Julie should be able to spare time for herself to engage in activities that she loves and help calm her and help her relax. Some of these activities could be meditating or engaging in mindful breathing exercises, which can help calm her nerves after a long day at work and also a hard time at home. It is essential for her to engage in these relaxing activities since they will help keep her mind of the things that are stressing her and, therefore, cope with stress.

Relaxing helps one get a clearer and calmer mind, which helps in positive thinking and better decision-making (Theaker, 2018). Julie is becoming shorter tempered towards her children, which may be due to stress and negative thinking. People with stress may also end up having blood pressure, and other conditions such as headaches and difficulty in sleeping like Julie and relaxing may be very effective in eradicating these conditions.

Julie should take the next step by seeing a counselor or seeking any other form of professional help. Seeking a professional's help is very important in this case since a counselor, for instance, can help one figure out ways of reducing the impact stress has on someone. They might, for instance, propose talk therapy. Meditation or visualization, and in severe cases, might prescribe some medication to relieve stress. Seeking professional help is also important as it could teach one to face stressful situations without buckling to all the pressure.

Julie, for instance, seems to be affected by all the pressure since she is seen to be more aggressive towards her children than she way before, and therefore seeing a counselor, for instance, would help her cope with all the stress from work and home without affecting her relationship with her children. The professional could also advise ways of mending her relationship with the husband and children, which would then ensure that she has a serene environment at home and thereby reduces her stress. The main work of professionals, in this case, is to find the root of the problem, and therefore involving a professional would help an individual figure out issues that cause their stress and how one can solve these issues and thus reducing stress (Nor, 2020). Therefore, this coping mechanism would be very effective since it would help Julie cope with her stress and help her come up with ways she can deal with the sources of her stress.


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