Lavender Essential Oil for Burns. Paper Example

Published: 2023-02-15
Lavender Essential Oil for Burns. Paper Example
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North America is described as the origin of the herb lavender since it is a region with mountains in the Mediterranean section. The plant also has essential oil benefits that are extracted from specific species of the lavender plant. The essential oil has not only medicinal uses but also cosmetic uses. The exciting part is that despite the plant having an advantage on the outer part of the skin, it has benefits inside the body too (Nordqvist, 2019).

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According to a study by Mori, Kawanami, Kawahata & Aoki (2016), lavender has a healing effect for burns. Lavender oil promotes the synthesis of collagens and differentiation in fibroblasts that are most times accompanied by the regulation of TGF- beta. Essential oils like lavender are being used as home-based remedies to treat various types of relief like burns and other skin benefits. The essential oils should be diluted before use on minor burns because a doctor should treat significant burns (White, 2018).

Additionally, according to Koulivand, Ghadiri and Gorji (2013), lavender can be used for therapies. The herb exists in many forms like; cosmetic, lavender is used to add fragrance in shampoos and can also be used to add flavor in some food. The essential oil has both anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that help heal minor bugs and bites from bugs. Lavender as a tea can be used as a substance to deal with digestive problems. Furthermore, lavender can be used to help heal anxiety disorders. Lavender is one of the concentrated essential oils favorable to help in the anxiety therapy (Malcolm and Tallian, 2017).

Last but not least, lavender as a natural essential oil is used for natural products is used to treat diseases on the skin. The advantage is that they are available readily and are recommended for dermatological use (Orchard and Vuuren, 2017).


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