Knowledge Management Personal Statement Example

Published: 2019-10-22
Knowledge Management Personal Statement Example
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If you wish to excel in any organization, it is vital to have excellent guidance and management skills. Irrespective of whether you are leading a small or a large group, having effective governance and administration knowledge and expertise is essential. Therefore, obtaining a Knowledge Management Ph.D. will provide me with extra experience and research openings at the graduate level while also serving as groundwork for my career. The academic profession will provide me with the opportunity of continuing my lifelong educational quality goal to the field of education. Furthermore, attaining the Ph.D. in Knowledge Management will allow me to gain exceptional prospects and skills for teaching and counseling others while at the same time broadening my knowledge environment and continue the process of furthering my education. I am particularly interested in improving the quality of learning to ensure that I have the capacity of transforming the learning environment in such a way that students can get optimum benefits from their education endeavors and become relevant in the highly competitive and multifaceted marketplace.

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As the world is becoming a smaller place while the widening educational market is making our planet increasingly competitive, no room for complacency exists whereas decision-making serves as a vital tool to support success in managing knowledge. In my case, I have continuously wanted to excel in advancing and administering knowledge in diverse aspects of life. Since I attained the appropriate age to allow me to decide the suitable direction I wanted to follow with my education, I have embarked on initiatives aimed at gearing my learning experiences toward knowledge management. I have taken the initiative of gaining significant experience by working in diverse fields, including human resources, health management, teaching, employee management, project management, and team building.

In line with my pursuits of excelling in the field of education management, I have gained tremendous experience that I believe can support my aspirations of pursuing the Knowledge Management course. I have more than seven years skill serving as a director at Cisco Academy and Dean as well as Academic Director at Everest College based in Chicago. I am presently serving at Universe College as the President of the institution. Besides, I have taught for more than nine years at the University of Pristina while operating as an associate professor. In addition to these, I have gained about three years experience in the banking and taxes industry, eleven years in dentistry, and over six years working in offices of Professional Association and Management. The expertise and skills I have attained in these areas have led me to believe that admission to a Knowledge Management program, especially by specializing in education quality will serve as my future growth area and boost my commitment to transforming the educational environment.

The important essential part of a knowledge management course is improving the quality of education among learners. In a learning institution, more education results in better opportunities in life, while knowledge in life translates to significant control over the circumstances that one experiences. In this sense, I believe that a Ph.D. in Knowledge Management will provide me with opportunities for dealing with learners in a friendly, efficient, and transparent manner to make sure that the people I deal with feel involved and in control of their educational and knowledge achievement endeavors. I will focus toward setting examples to inspire others set clear goals and communicate in a transparent manner, thereby empower people to understand the importance of managing knowledge in the presently competitive and complex world.

Beyond my education, policy, and practice elements, I wish to pursue Knowledge Management for other reasons. I believe that educators and students should be a happy group. By working with residents, faculty, and other students in the management of knowledge, I sense my temperament will serve as a good fit in the setting. I have a calm character and amiable approach, while I also exercise my personality in a professional and sincere manner. I feel that I would be an appropriate candidate for admittance to pursuing a Ph.D. in Knowledge Management while specializing in Quality Education as my school and college results as well as knowledge and abilities obtained in the workplace reveal. There is also more to me in addition to my certificates and experience. I feel that my strong sense for exercising ethics and justice would allow me to remain a steadfast knowledge management professional.

With my firm principles and inspirational motivation in the education environment, I feel that pursuing the knowledge management course to boost education quality will serve as my next rational step in my education accomplishments. I have always believed in exercising hard work and am willing to employ all my efforts to ensure I excel in the program. I look forward to gaining access to the program since it will offer me an opportunity for training in a well-administered and structured setting with professionals who show commitment and excitement toward boosting education quality.

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