Free Essay Example: Nora the Town Girl

Published: 2019-11-11
Free Essay Example: Nora the Town Girl
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It is Sunday noon, and the whole village of Kamuyu is silent. The only talk of the village is the newly wed son of Mr. John, it would not pass the tongue of even a single village dweller since Mr. John was a very respected man in this entire village, and therefore matters touching on his family were always subject to public scrutiny. The only son of this affluent family had walked down the aisle two months ago, but it was the kind of life they chose to live after the well decorated traditional wedding that caught many by surprise. It was approaching twilight, and as usual, you would always see elderly people around open fires storing with their grandchildren. (Tuxido is with his grandchildren around an open fireplace right next to his grass-thatched house, his grandchildren are sat closely around him and seem to be keenly following his story that seems captivating)

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TUXIDO: ( Clears his throat gently and starts to speak with a shaking voice) My grandchildren I greet you all, I know Ivan has become the envy of every young person since the day he decided to walk down the aisle with Nora, the beautiful lady from the town. I refuse to be part of that group who rejoice in the same since I dont approve of that union. It will be short-lived.

GRANDCHILD 1: You must be insane grandpa, Kerry is the man to watch by every young person now because he has proved to us, young people that everything is possible and every dream is valid. Grandpa speaks for the bush(everybody busts out uncontrollably including Tuxido)

TUXIDO: I might be speaking for the bush but am still the voice of reason around here. At least for my family am still the trend setter, I cant allow human beings who are so obsessed with this thing called civilization to the extent of walking around the homestead half naked. If that is the life you children of nowadays want to live, then I say NO! (Temperatures are rising and the seriousness in the voice of Tuxido starts to dawn on his grandchildren)

GRANDCHILD 2: As far as am concerned, Mr. John is still alive and kicking, and he has been seeing all this going on in his homestead, the man has never complained even a day, or let me just say one mans meat is anothers poison. Some things should change grandpa, and time has reached for the old-fashioned people like you who are still backward to pave the way for us and let us at least also make our own decisions. Nora is a gorgeous lady, the fact that she wears short clothes and doesnt like going to the garden so often should not make you discredit Kerrys marriage. (Applause is heard from the whole crowd, and GRANDCHILD 1 raises his hand to interject..)GRANDCHILD 1: Finally we have a new voice of reason for the young people, James has put it as it should be. We young people should be left to make our own decisions on matters that are so critical to our lives like marriage.

TUXIDO: (Seems to be bowing into the pressure from the two vocal gentlemen, since he had been nodding his head to show that he conquered with whatever his grandchild had to say) I leave it to you that you have won the battle. But one critical advice that I can put across to you my grandchildren is that you people should just find ladies of high moral standards to marry and we shall approve of the marriage. Marriage is very critical since it is a lifetime commitment. Thank you very much for listening(they all shake hands and go their separate ways)

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