Key Characteristics for the Product (App) - Essay Sample

Published: 2024-01-28
Key Characteristics for the Product (App) - Essay Sample
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The app would be better with in-app notifications that can be tweaked by users. These notifications act as alerts/warnings of the upcoming climatic changes such as heatwaves, rainstorms. Real-time notifications are an attraction to new installations.

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Appealing visuals through accurate graphics that make usage pleasant and more appealing.

Prediction of winds, rainfall, humidity level, visibility, and UV level. Information about these weather elements is crucial, and people can plan ahead of their day. The visibility feature is important to drivers and motorcyclists.

Additional features such as OpenWeatherMap, drought-monitoring, temperature trends, updates. There is a display of historical weather data that can be used to make informed decisions regarding farming, planting, and traveling (Alonso et al., 2017).

Approaches to be made by the Company

App Store Optimization Approach

Refers to the customizations and practices of attracting and inviting new installations through ratings, keywords. When this approach is maximized, there can be huge amounts of quality and positive traffic to the application. There should be a focus on important elements in the page, localize the store pages for IOS and android that are engineered to suit the USA and Chinese markets, and the final aspect is the optimization for discoverability.

Paid advertising, celebrity endorsement approach

Celebrities and platforms for advertising must be selected and chosen carefully. The right platforms, maybe Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. In addition to this, the Company could use Press coverage through bloggers, journalists, and news websites that have a huge following in China and the USA (Alonso et al., 2017).

Should the Approaches be different for China and the USA? If so, how?

Yes. The approaches would be better tailored or differentiated to provide specific solutions to potential clients in both countries. Also, considering that the two countries have different weather patterns, then it would be better to have the same app differentiated to suit applicability.

What is Market Research Needed to Support this New Product?

Various studies could be completed to ensure the success of the weather application in both countries. They include 1) Commercial success study, 2) App engagement, 3) Lack of robust industry model, 4) Ineffective strategies of app marketing. The above research areas are critical in validating whether the weather app will be viable. Successful research is reflected in the success of the weather app.

Importance of Market Research

Marketing research lowers the risk associated with new application launching. Frequent research indicates the shifts in marketing options and needs that potential customers need to be addressed. There is the creation of promotional materials relevant and have a detailed idea of the best platforms to focus the advertisement (Lu et al., 2017). Marketing research is important since the competitors may fail to maintain the pace of your advertising. Finally, through marketing research, the Company will be able to set goals and objectives. Besides, the growth of the Company will be weighed against the success of the application download.

Groups within the Organization that I Partnered with

I worked with the App Development and Sales and Marketing departments in the Company. I offered my opinion on the best options I had during the planning and development phase. It would be wise to have the option to select "Target Country" so that once the app was downloaded and installed, users from China and the USA had an option to select the geographical location that would be focused on. The Sales and Marketing department had ideas to focus the research on. The app must satisfy the needs of the Chinese and Americans.

Assistance Provided by the Groups

The teams were helpful in the determination of the specific goals and objectives of the app. Also, having proper knowledge of potential customers. There was an opportunity to brainstorm solutions to the specific problems that the potential clients from China and the USA have. Besides, I was able to draw user flows and give my opinion on the features to add to the app. These additional features are the ones that make the app unique and outstanding. These factors play a major role in revenues to the Weather Company.

Cultural Differences that Affects the Marketing Recommendations for China Vs. the USA

China operates as a socialist economy, and they operate based on group mentality, whereas Americans function as individuals. Therefore the app should suit a group sharing approach, unlike the USA, where the individuals can be permitted to set personal needs. China is a densely populated nation, especially the major cities, unlike the USA, whose states can sustain them. The USA has a fast-paced business model; hence everything needs to be up to speed if the Americans were to use the weather app (Lu et al., 2017). There is a focus on efficiency, simplicity, and speed that the app responds with.


In conclusion, marketing a weather app is important and needs a high accuracy to prove relevance to potential clients. This is the main consideration and is tailored to ensure the app is helpful in weather prediction. If the Weather Company meets all the factors, it will be in a prime position to conquer the market in China and the USA.


Alonso, J., Koon, Y., Moore, K., Marroquin, H., & Steinberg, H. (2017). MARKETING: CHINA, MEXICO, & USA. In Allied Academies International Conference. Academy of Marketing Studies. Proceedings (Vol. 22, No. 1, p. 1). Jordan Whitney Enterprises, Inc.

Lu, J., Yu, C. S., Liu, C., & Wei, J. (2017). Comparison of mobile shopping continuance intention between China and USA from an espoused cultural perspective. Computers in Human Behavior, 75, 130-146.

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