Free Essay on Justification: Robotic Manufacturing H&M

Published: 2023-09-27
Free Essay on Justification: Robotic Manufacturing H&M
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Over several centuries, human labor has always contributed to the development and expansion of industries. The labor from human power is often unreliable and insufficient, since, they are prone to fatigue. Machines have been innovated to make tasks simpler. The sewing and packaging industries are an example of industries that require machines to make tedious work much simpler (Jiménez & Cubric,2018). This essay justifies Robotic manufacturing for H&M. It provides the rationale for robots, problems, and opportunities. It reviews the competition, market, and the overview of the company.

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The rationale for this robotic manufacturing is that these robots will sew, package, and do all manual labor jobs in the organization. Human labor will only be required in the designing process where they will design the clothes to be manufactured. The robots will have sensors to detect and analyze material to configure how to handle it. Configuration solves the issue arising where robot in the clothing industry gets challenged when working with soft cloth materials. The sensors will also aid the robot in fighting unpredictable mechanical complications that occur in the robots occasionally (Schrimpf. et al, 2012). These two factors added with the fact that humans are bound to get tired, complacent, moody, and generally hard to deal with support the proposal that robots could be better in the labor force. They never get tired, or hungry; don’t need lunch breaks, and come to the office. These are human limiting factors, compared to robots that only need power and maintenance through regular check-ups and in return a good profit.

Problem or opportunity.

For one to launch this proposal, the timing for the launch is crucial as in any other business. The coronavirus pandemic is an example of a global pandemic that stopped human interaction across the world. Workers are unable to work at warehouses where packaging is done. Despite the issue, people are still demanding for an article of good clothing, designed and sown for daily use. Clothing is highly valued as the basic primary needs of a human being. Face masks are an example of a product produced by the organization. 90% of the masks are made by sewing materials such as cotton and polyester, this is an opportunity to start the company. The personal protective equipment is also decreasing as the pandemic goes on due to the fast spread of the virus globally(Livingstone.etal,2020). The company will be advantageous as the use of human labor is limited. It shall be useful in the future, in the case of any arising problem. It is however challenging to note that there shall be fewer employment opportunities for people. Policies shall be developed to ensure that at least there are workers employed to supervise the production in the firm. The opportunity of developing life-saving clothes needs a prompt action plan. Robots are the best option in such a situation because people cannot work in a confined environment. People can draw designs online and leave the production to the robotic machines that can configure designs and measurements. The essential workers that shall be admitted to the work station of the company shall however still adhere to the rules placed by the World Health Organization, to prevent the spread of the virus. There shall be a budget for all the safety gear.


Competition in businesses reduced through innovation and constant upgrading of services being provided. Most large global textile industries today still use human labor to produce their products. Subsequently, some organizations have ventured into the textile industry. The organization faces competition from other firms that deliver the same services. The easiest way that the organization can deal with the competing firms is by being innovative and lowering prices to attract more clients. The firm would be having a different management system for the company. The management will consist of people who are not hired from academic status but skill and precision. A set-out recruitment exercise will be carried out to test whether the individual can work under pressure and maintain the quality of production. This will ensure that everyone on your workforce is like-minded therefore minimizing disputes and maximizing productivity since they will share ideas in their respective areas. This sharing of ideas would ensure outstanding quality in all aspects of the company and with good marketing strategies the company would excel competitors.


The ultimate goal of every new business is the market. The market consists of consumers and their needs. The market for our products is the global population. The market strategy would be simply ensuring that there are enough products for every customer, at affordable prices. A competitor such as Victoria’ Secrets Company which also produces clothes and similar products would be no match for this company because there are plans to offer discounts on our high-quality products. This is because Victoria’s Secrets specializes in women and ladies of about 16-30 years old(Jiménez & Cubric,2018). Having a narrow target market limits the amount of diversity your company can offer to some extent. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed because of the diversified target groups.


The company’s mission is to deliver quality and affordable products to serve all people. It has the vision to be a leading producer of fabrics in the modern world, through the use of robotic technology. This vision, statement, propels the company and remains the guiding principle in the development of robots, for design and sewing. The joint effort between human labor and machines shall ensure that the quality standards are met. The company is set to be an example of a 21st-century firm, with creative ideas being put into the design by robots (Shashittal.etal, 2018). The use of robots would mean that the cost of production would be lower enabling many people to afford the final products. Although there shall be fewer work opportunities, many people shall till benefit from presenting the creative artworks and designs to the company. The company also aims at using stronger fabrics and other materials in the development of the products. Stronger raw materials shall ensure customer satisfaction and a strong market presence.


The company’s innovation of production, using robots, is aimed at saving energy, and time resources. The company has embraced technology which is faster and more efficient compared to the use of human labor.Many industries offering similar services and products are still using human labor, which tends to be slower and costly. The speed at which robotic machines can sew makes the company, have a competitive advantage over the other firms. These robots use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enable them to assess their surroundings more efficiently in areas such as movement and calculation of small figures. The Artificial Intelligence aspect in them would enable them to provide optimal scenarios and help them in sorting out uncertainties9Silva.etal, 2020). This would then make their work more delicate and precise.


The use of technology in businesses is recommended in the modern world. The world is evolving and requires creativity, to make a company have a competitive advantage. Technology saves on time and energy resources as the work is done mostly by machines. The H&M is a modern company, applying the use of Robots in the development of clothing and the safety gear during the period of Covid-19. There is a huge demand for the face-masks and other protective wears, globally. The Robots shall enable production to be steady despite the pandemic. Robot manufacturing would greatly improve the textile industry in certain ways. Production can be made cheaper, better, and more efficient(Silva.etal,2020). The company is built on a vision to produce quality textiles for every customer at an affordable price. The use of Robots shall cut the cost of production.


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