Free Essay. Journeys and Growth in Children's Literature

Published: 2023-12-14
Free Essay. Journeys and Growth in Children's Literature
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Children may experience systematic growth that involves physical and mental development. The reasoning and knowledge increase with time, as they grow older to become adults. The novel Little House on the Prairie has a connection between growth and journey to children's literature. It expresses the journey of the young Laura as she grows to become a young adult. It explains the series of observations and encounters that she had during her young age. The journey of Laura and her family is based on the American frontier (Wilder, 2020). These reasons make the novel portray the perception of children's literature.

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Similarly, the Hobbit has also expressed the connection between children's growth and their journey to adulthood. The novel revolves around the story of Bilbo, who serves as the protagonist. Initially, the young Bilbo lives in a hole comfortably before a wizard arrives to start a new life journey. It represents how children's lives turn away from their comfort zones as they grow old. The novel effectively explains Bilbo's journey in a fictional way that helps a young reader understand the childhood journey in a better way (Tolkien, 2012). Therefore, the novel is based on the growth and the journey of young children.

Growth can be mental or physically, and it occurs after a series of events. The Little House on the Prairies is plotted to follow a historical fiction that applies to readers of any age. The autobiographical styles show how growth occurs. Family and family unity significantly contributes to the growth of children. As individuals grow, they understand that life is about struggling to meet their daily needs. In Laura's novel, their neighbors and friends lived miles away from the Ingalls' farm, and it was difficult for them to provide any help where needed (Wilder, 2020). The Great Plains' survival required each member of the family to require each other as a source of encouragement and protection. Therefore, for growth to occur effectively, other family and friends unity contributes a lot.

Bilbo joined the wizard to their adventure journey, and the scenario portrays that people need each other to prosper. It is a sign of change that Bilbo decides to leave his comfort to seek for adventure. As children grow, they realize that they have some responsibility to accomplish, and hence they need not sit around and act like their parents fulfill everything for them. They need to get out of their comfort zone and work hard toward achieving their goals.

The journey that brings changes in human life is associated with obstacles that an individual must overcome. Perseverance is the way of overcoming and surviving the hardship that is inevitable in people's life. A day cannot go without some risks. The Ingalls family struggled to overcome the jeopardies that occurred every day in the Great Plains. They suffered the winter harshness, starvation, illness, and threats from wild animals. It is due to their perseverance and determination that strengthened the family's bond. Students will understand this better after reading the book.

The Hobbit expresses some of the changes that result from the journey Bilbo took. The young lad left his comfort zone to accompany wizard Gandalf for an adventure. From the beginning, he is terrified to leave his comfort zone to seek adventure. The decision is tough because they face a lot of jeopardies in their journey. They are, at some point, captured by three hungry trolls. However, they tricked them and managed to escape. In life, a child should stay focused despite facing challenges.

The process of children's growth starts from the mind. The individuals' perception can help in determining if the person is growing to be an adult. Adults have more significant life experiences as compared to children. They have gone through many things in their lifetime, which develops their perception. When Bilbo was in his comfort zone, he faced fewer challenges, but he exposed himself to jeopardies after he decided to seek adventure (Tolkien, 2012). Adults handle their challenges differently and in a more intellectual way based on their life experience.

The things a child is exposed to can transform him into an adult. For instance, Bilbo was exposed to the adventure that was full of jeopardies. Similarly, Laura's family faced some challenges in the Great Plains (Wilder, 2020). The exposure prepares them psychologically and physically that life is full of risks and uncertainties. Therefore, they can develop a coping mechanism that helps them to walk over the daily challenges. The exposure hence transforms them slowly to adulthood.

The self-discovery journey, both at home and away from home, helps the children transform from childhood to adulthood. For instance, Bilbo gains more life experience during his adventure journey than when he lived in his hole. After migrating to a different location that was far away from their friends, Laura developed her endurance and survival techniques. A journey away from home contributes to significant and progressive children's growth.


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