Journey to Recovery - Free Paper Sample

Published: 2023-11-24
Journey to Recovery - Free Paper Sample
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Diana’s family became her dearest friends and helped Diana develop self-love to end her mental illness, which has been holding her hostage.

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Four years on, Diana can proudly say that she has fully recovered. She is in the best version\. However, Diana finds herself with the depression and anxiety that she has been silent about them. She finally opens up to her family, which helped her with her mental recovery.

Four years ago, Diana acknowledged and admitted that she needed to pause everything in her life to concentrate on her mental health. Diana was battling Anorexia when she in high school; she managed to recover from it. Nonetheless, she has been silently battling mental illness issues such as anxiety, depression, and guilt.

As much as she recovered, she used to feel a burden for a long time during and after recovery. The feeling caused Diana to isolate herself from people. On top of that, a part of her missed her eating disorder whenever s Diana felt that way should do something productive to destruct such ideas in her mind. She was coping with her mental illness on her own.


Diana knew she could not fully recover from her mental illness without breaking the silence. But she was too shy to open up to anyone. What made Diana make a move is when she recalled one of the statements learned in her Anorexia recovery. The statement was saying; recovery is like an addiction; one will always be in recovery. That statement made her realize that it was essential to venture into another journey to recover from her mental illness.

Besides, she had conceived that guilt, depression, and anxiety do not benefit her recovery and does not help those she felt indebted to. It was on Sunday, and her mother and her sister were both at home. That day Diana approached her mother and explained to her all she was going through. She did not know this was her first step into her mental recovery.

Diana’s mother and her sister-Taylor started becoming more sensitive to her than before. They could be checking on her randomly and constantly; her mother used to phone her anytime. Though it was a little weird, Diana loved her phone call since it reminds her that some people treasure her. She even narrated how one day she had left her phone home and her mum came to check on her at work since she was not answering her phone.

Dian’s mother also went for classes on helping Diana; she often felt that she was not assisting Diana fully. Whenever she learned new skills, she could try on Diana. She had promised Diana to do all it requires to make her okay. This entailed talking Diana for sermons on Sunday. Diana's mother could drive into her apartment, make her breakfast, and then taker Diana to church.


On the other hand, Taylor was always there for her; Taylor used to give Diana all the attention she needed. Diana described Taylor as her only friend who listens to her altogether. Little by little, Diana started experiencing emotion healing, talkative and could always be found in the company of people, unlike when she had just recovery. Whenever Diana could talk about her recovery, she appreciated a lot of her mum and sister.

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