Free Essay on John Lock's View on Marriage

Published: 2022-11-24
Free Essay on John Lock's View on Marriage
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In the history of economy, social and philosophical thought, John Locke is recognized as one of the more significant of those contributors to pre- Smithian economies and has acted as leverage in laying the philosophical foundations upon which the general principle of political economy was to be subsequently built. According to John Locke, it is important to note that the obligation of marriage is following: joining together in the communion of interest, coming up with children as a result of love and facilitating the advancement of policies. Through his arguments, Locke Justifies that an institution of marriage is what distinguishes us as human beings from the beasts of the field.

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From a policy perspective, it is important to adopt policies that unite couples in a very comprehensive manner. Comprehensively, marriage unites mother and father to equip them to raise any child that the union produces based on a reproductive fact that marriage requires a man and a woman to produce kids and social reality that children deserve both a mother and a father. Biologically, mothers are always close to their kids since they need to be there to breastfeed them, however, the main question that normally arises is will the kid's father be there and for how long will this happen. When this does n't happen, the social cost for the child and the community tend to be on the increase. This hence demands a great need for good policy to be in place to support fatherhood and motherhood in place.

Generally, arguments in relations to discrimination based on sexual orientation generally rest on interpretations of equal protection when it comes to the clause of the Fourteenth Amendment or even about the general rights to autonomy that is focused in the current substantive due process doctrine. According to various arguments raised by John Locke, it is vividly clear on some of the rights against sexual orientation, for example various discrimination which includes the recognition of same-sex marriage that has no dependency on a thin moral conception of the liberal state.

However, the sad thing is that the institution of marriage as described by Locke is that marriage tends to end up in a divorce for one of the two couples who are living in the United States. Most individuals get into marriage with a mindset that it will be a great relieve to some of the existing life pressures, through this we would have less of a desire to flourish and achieve goals in all the realms of life. Notably, marriage matter s and the state promote marriage just to make sure that children enjoy the love and the experience of being raised by both parents. Every child deserves to be raised by a father and a mother.

Since marriage is a type of institution that unites a man and a woman to bring about a child and it is important for men and women to complement each other and bring about the best out of each other. Through this, were are in a position to see a higher power, religious and secular as essential to the survival of marriage. Since marriage is not easy, it is essential to endeavor and in most cases, there will be a human error and as a result, it can lead to conflict.

From the Locke argument, it is important to note that every individual who is for the marriage equality and every individual want the government to treat all the marriages equally, however, the greater disagreement do rise on what kind of a relationship is marriage. In this case, understanding and redefining marriage is very important and it draws up a close line on what kind of a relationship that pertains to marriage and the one which does not. From a philosophical perceptive, it's good how marriage joins a man and woman together and an institution that when two are committed together they grow together in raising their child. This should be encouraged to reduce the general social burden.

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