Free Essay on the Issues in Technology Integrations

Published: 2022-05-24
Free Essay on the Issues in Technology Integrations
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Information is a valuable asset to an organization. In every state, some laws require every organization to protect the personal data belonging to their client. It means that individual confidentiality is highly protected. The paper analyzes the appropriate measures for safeguarding electronic resources. It also gives the safety practices that are used for instructional technology tools. Towards the end of the paper, it gives a detailed description of the expected student behavior that is likely to facilitate learning as well as teaching in technological environments.

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To start with, around the office, various measures apply to electronic data protection. The most important measure is the identification of immediate neighbors. Regarding the security state of the Organization's location, the organization has two options. The first option is making allies with the neighbors since they are likely to keep a close watch to the office or the organization can choose to view the neighbors as a threat and include them in their (Organization's) security plan. Installation of surveillance cameras and monitor sensor alarms is also an important security measure. The company can also protect the doors that lead to the principal offices. Inside the office, network cables need to be protected by running them in the office. The network devices for example servers and routers need to be locked in private secure rooms to avoid intruders from accessing them since malware that can transfer data may be installed on them. Additionally, the monitor screens in offices ought to be carefully positioned to secure the information on display from being read by other people. On small screens and portable laptops, theft protection can be set by use of a locking security cable.

When required to use the instructional technology tool, learners ought to be aware of the safety measures. To begin with, a school ought to develop and implement procedures that need to be followed while using technology tools. Learners need to be monitored and guided while following the set rules of using instructional technology tools. Additionally, tutors ought to block the possible destructive sites which are likely to make the learner's attention drift. The sites that need to be blocked are all YouTube together with every social media platform. The technology instructional tool user should be given to all parents so that it can facilitate their monitoring of the technology tools used by learners at home.

For the establishment of behavioral expectations that are likely to facilitate effective teaching in a technology environment, the teacher is required to integrate positive behavior. The learners need to be given increased attention by the teacher. While teaching, the teacher can use praise, attention, encouragement, and incentives to create positive learner behavior. All the above motivates the learners to bring out the expected behavior. A teacher needs to have personal interaction with the learners to assist them in identifying and practicing the required behavior.

Technology can be both dangerous and beneficial. Everybody knows about most security measures, but only a few chose to put into action the recommended standards. It is, therefore, the role of a tutor to become open and honest with the students about the required security safety procedure and rules that ought to be followed when using technology. In this case, technology is the internet. Additionally, parents also have a role to play. They should monitor the learner's activities on technology while they are at home.

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