Is Euthanasia Morally Permissible? Check What Is Said in This Free Essay

Published: 2019-10-30
Is Euthanasia Morally Permissible? Check What Is Said in This Free Essay
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Moral controversies about the end of life and the desire for death involve various conditions which are if the person seeking death is terminally ill, volunteers to end his or her life so that he or she can put a stop to prolong suffering and whether the individual is intense pain. The great debate is whether the act of choosing to have mercy on someone and killing them is morally permissible. Most people brand this killing as mercy killing or assisted death. In this case, a third party provides the person with the resources to carry out his suicide or carries it for them. Most of the people who engage in this kind of assisted death are the spouses and family members. The act is done using a lethal dose of drugs that would count as euthanasia. The situation of euthanasia makes sure that the patient is aware of making a decision and gives consent about the killing.

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People who accept mercy killing prefers to let their loved one go instead of subjecting them to pain. Some patients are usually in comatose whereby they are kept alive through artificial life-sustaining treatment. They suggest that there is no need for them to keep suffering since they are mentally incompetent therefore crossed the line between life and death. The controversies arise when one wonders what that line is. The brain of a person can die while the body of a person remains alive. A lot of issues have been raised making one wonder whether the doctors should consider euthanasia. I think that what they do try to avoid is the patient experiencing pain. The primary goal that they should be focusing on is making sure that the final days of the patient are less painful by giving pain relief medication.

I think it is not moral to kill a person even if they are terminally ill. A lot of physicians believe that the terminally ill patients should not waste hospital resources if they do not make it, but I believe that there is no purpose in letting someone dies out of the fact that the resources and the beds will be wasted. The patients can be taken care of in their home. Mercy killing will rob the family the opportunity to bond with the patient and get enough time to say goodbye. Throwing them to the verge of death is like getting rid of the elderly just because they are growing old and they will eventually die. Mercy killing, according to me is an immoral act, and it robs someone the essence to live to the end and die naturally. If euthanasia was to be practiced to all the patients with acute pain or terminal illness then the research for new treatment might be given up. Perhaps some new cure might be developed and thus take away the opportunity for the person to be cured.

Suffering is considered to b part of human being, and I dont think that the main reason to carry out euthanasia under the reasoning of suffering is strong enough. Everything in this world happens for a reason, and the situation might be beneficial to that person only that the pity from his family member and friends might blind his or her clouding his judgment. We all condemn individuals in the prison and feel awful when we are associated with someone who is regarded as a murderer but is a mercy killing an exception? I do not think that a person who supports mercy killing and someone who is a cold blood killer are different. Even whether the individual is suffering it is still killing, and it is considered as murder whatever name it is branded.

Each day when a person lives, he or she lives for a reason. Most of the times things do not turn out the way we all accept, and it is not up to us to make decisions that are out of our control. I think it all depends on whether they believe in God or have faith in the will of God. No one can say that their lives have been that peaceful and without suffering. What matters is how one is set to deal with all the challenges and pain in life. I think what motivates mercy killing is the fear to face the challenges ahead and the fear of the future. It is not an option to run away from one's fear in the excuse that the one you love should not suffer.

Once I accept to kill someone I love out of mercy, I will never recover since in my mind it will be clear that I have killed, and I will blame myself for the rest of my life. For example, if my mother is terminally ill and I watch her fight through her disease. I should support her to live every day with faith and endurance. Once I agree to conduct mercy killing one day I might ask myself, did I kill my mother? It would be a great ordeal to deal with a guilty conscious and murder in my heart. There is nothing harsh as the regret of not giving someone a chance to live no matter the suffering and get time to see him or her live through her strength without seeing her dying but fighting.

Giving someone an easy way out to run to when they suffer is not acceptable as it makes someone compelled to lose hope and also accept defeat. I think euthanasia is mostly practiced because the relatives of the patients give them no option. The relatives might complain that they lack resources to keep their treatment and therefore the choice that the patient might make is compromised, and he or she makes the decision to have them killed to free them the burden of taking care of them. The feeling is bad since the relatives could have tried all means to keep their loved one with them until their time to die. If the relatives do not give up, then the patient will live through their strength and be surprised by how one can endure with support and a sense of belonging.

I think euthanasia should not be accepted since it is as a result of pressure from the relatives of the patients. The relatives pity the patients, seeing them as they are dead and a lost course. The patients are coarsed indirectly to take the only method that can put the suffering of seeing their loved ones in misery because of their illness. It is, therefore, right to say that mercy killing is not out of a choice freely made by the patient, but it is as a result of the patient lacking a choice to stay with their loved ones with all the pressure.

The patient should be given a chance to live freely without being subjected to death as an only solution. I dont think death is the answer. A couple of years ago people felt that they had no hope when they were infected with HIV/AIDS, but those people live long due to the assistance of medications and hope for their loved ones. It is what we think and believes that leads us to make choices that might haunt us for the rest of our lives. People who conduct euthanasia walk in fatal territories by defining how people should die. They should not let people lead to that definition as mercy killing is the same as committing murder.

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