Essay Example on the Examining the Activities of the Green Party

Published: 2020-06-10
Essay Example on the Examining the Activities of the Green Party
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Green Party is a political party that is formally organized to engage the public and the various organs of the government to encourage the principles of Green politics among them being nonviolence and social justice (Stieglitz, 2013). The supporters of the Green Party otherwise called the Greens, believe that such issues are interrelated, and they serve as a foundation for world peace. The platforms of the Green Party embrace social-democratic economic policies and also form coalitions with the leftists. The issue about the commitment of the Green Party in environmental issues than the leftists should not be debated upon since the track records of the Green Party is evident and their commitment to the preservation of environment cannot be contested (Richter, 2015). Environmental issues in Germany are quite sensitive to the citizens and activities of the Green Party should be supported to develop national ideas, support appeals for patriotism and nationalism and create appeal for pride for citizenship.

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This paper aims at examining the activities of the Green Party and by analyzing their past activities to help in the analysis of their relevance in the society. Additionally, the paper aims to get the views of the citizens about the activities and the relevance of the Green Party and how the Green Party plans to improve the quality of its activities (Papadakis, 2014). The paper also aims at analyzing the methods and steps that are taken to analyze the activities of the Green Party to ensure the credibility of the results. The paper also envisions analyzing the findings to enable the society to predict the trend of the operations of Green Party and the effects that it would have on the society in future. The analysis would then help in determining the weaknesses of the Green Party that are needed to be tackled and identify ways to improve the operations of the Green Party.

Literature Review

According to Richter (2015), Green Party has had some positive impacts to the Germans and the German environment as a whole. This is because the party engages in activities that help the formation of policies that aid the conservation of environment, preventing climatic change and formation of other policies that helps in the preservation of the green environment. Papadakis (2014) also confirms that major areas that Green Party engages on are the general preservation of natural resources, preservation of the countryside and forests. Additionally, Green Party engages in the protection of national parks and conservation of animal rights. Otjes et al. (2015) acknowledge the impact that the Green Party has brought to the culture of the Germans and he appreciates the efforts of the party in the funding of leisure and cultural facilities in the country that includes arts and sports

The impact that Green Party has brought to the preservation of culture in Germany and Richter confirms that the party has been engaging in the sensitization of the communities and governments to aid in the funding of galleries, museums and libraries. Additionally, Papadakis (2014) submit that the Green Party has been encouraging cultural mass media and worthwhile leisure activities including public sports club. Moreover, Richter (2015) appreciates the efforts of the Green Party in the promotion of social justice and encouraging fair treatment of people in the society. This move, as Richter states, has worked to ensure special protection for the underprivileged social group in the country. The Green Party has also been very relevant in helping to remove class barriers and ensuring that there is a fair distribution of resources in the country. The party also assists greatly in sensitizing the society to end discrimination in the society among them being racial and sexual discrimination.

Method and Approach

The sample population will include any one who is aged 18 or above, who knows about the operations of the Green Party and has enjoyed the services of the Green Party. By using a sample frame that includes the entire population in question, the study will use a random sampling technique (either a random number from a computer or random digit dialling). This guarantees that every member of the population in this sample frame has an equal chance of being selected into the sample.

The limit of the sample will be 250 people. After receiving permission from respondents to conduct the interview under the stated interview outline, the answers from the phone interviews will be recorded by our interviewer and analyzed thoroughly, along with responses from interviews conducted online. A couple of challenges that may occur at this point of the process is the risk that the qualified sample unit is unavailable, unwilling to participate, or unsuitable. To mitigate these potential problems we are ready to use the following substitution method:

Drop down substitution this is where we will call the name immediately following the unit who has been deemed unfit.

These interviews are an essential part of gathering the data necessary to accomplish the research objectives. To gain insight into the mind of target market, we will need to use the following types of example questions in our interviews:

Detail your experience with the Green Party?

What interests you about the activities of the Green Party?

What areas do you think the Green Party should work on to improve their effectiveness?

What did you like or dislike about the services of the Green Party?

How would you rate the operations of Green Party? (Likert Scale)

These types of questions will allow us to get a better idea of what the overall experience of the citizens is, what inspires them towards about the working of the Green Party, what sorts of perceived changes do the party brings to the society in Germany, and how the society helps in the preservation of the environment. These types of questions will also help us accomplish the objectives of the research.


The participants will be asked to fill in the questionnaire containing closed questions where the respondents will answer with a yes or no. The respondents will remain anonymous to protect their identities. The questionnaires will be available online and physically to ensure a wider reach. The data from the study will be analyzed qualitatively. A Priori codes will be used to arrange the data in a way that makes it easy to interpreted. The responses to the questionnaires will be ranked on a ritcher scale of 1-10 with ten being the highest and I the lowest score. With the analysis of the data, it is evident that Green Party has a lot of influence in the conservation of environment as opposed to their counterparts, the leftists. The Green Party proves that it performs better than its left counterparts in the conservation of environment because it engages in the development of agriculture and farmers in the society.

The Green Party helps in the preservation of the environment because it engages in promoting the enactment of policies that favor agriculture and farmers in Germany. The Green Party ensures that all its policies that it seeks to enact lead to the promotion of agricultural developments. It also ensures that only statements that have agriculture as their main goal remain the top priority. Additionally, the Green Party helps in the conservation of the environment in that is helps in uplifting the middle class and the professional groups (Otjes, 2015). Since the middle class comprises the biggest proportion of the German population, the Green Party ensures that any move to improve agricultural development succeeds. In addition, it ensures that the middle class actively engages in the preservation of the environment. The data from the study, therefore, would serve to prove that Green Party manages to reach a great percentage of the population and has therefore influenced the society to engage in the conservation of the environment. In this light, the goals of the Green Party are evident, and they prove to be more active in the conservation of environment that their left counterparts.

Findings and Conclusion

It is evident that the Greens play a crucial role in the conservation of the environment, and their success is quite evident. However, the Green Party faces some challenges to fulfill their objectives. One of the challenges is the minimal commitment from the society and adequate social support (Otjes, 2015). The party can tackle such a problem by sensitizing the society about the importance of having a clean environment and encouraging the society to engage in the environmental conservation in the society. The second issue that the party faces is the huge financial expenditure to meet all its goals and carry out its duties diligently. To ensure that the party maintains the quality of its services, government institution should improve their financial support for the party and ensure that any financial issues that arise are promptly sorted.

Also, the party should work closely with the law enforcement authorities and ensure that there are strict rules that punish criminals suspected of engaging in the destruction of the environment. The society can then ensure that individuals who are involved in the destruction of the environment get subjected to punitive measures and this would then seek to encourage the society from preserving the environment (Stieglitz, 2013). Tougher rules should also be set in the courts of justice to ensure that those prosecuted criminals are imprisoned to discourage the would-be offenders in the society.

Finally, the Green Party should encourage the society to appreciate the role of internal security and by appreciating the importance of law enforcement officers and to discourage colliding with the law enforcement officers. This would ensure that the citizens follow the rule of law and that they engage in the conservation of the environment (Papadakis, 2014). The Green Party serve to ensure that the society lives in a clean environment and ensure that the society cares for the future generations by ensuring that the high levels of destruction of environment, accumulations of high amounts of greenhouse gases and the various toxic chemicals reduce in the atmosphere. The Green Party therefore clearly outshines their counterparts, the leftists in the conservation of the environment and ensuring a clean environment.


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