Essay Sample: Introduction to Depression and Mental Health

Published: 2023-04-04
Essay Sample: Introduction to Depression and Mental Health
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Depression is a mental health complication that is symptomized by a various mental problem associated features such as poor cognitive status, psychological issues, emotional changes, mood swings, and a feeling of low self-esteem within an individual. The majority of the people in the current society are quite busy in their ventured areas of interest, according to statistics. However, there are numerous challenges which are associated with occupational activities and day to day workplace experiences. They arise from serious disagreements with colleagues or bosses at the place of work, unexpected results, poor performance, and other workplace-related issues. All these bad experiences culminate in sadness, feeling worthless, and even helpless and lower the self-esteem of individuals.

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A collection of such feelings in individuals causes mental health and psychological complications, which result in depressions. Statistics carried out by the National Institute of Mental Health indicate that 7% of the majority of the United States of America's elderly people are suffering from serious mental complications due to their lifestyle (NIMH, 2020). It further asserted that this type of disorder is recorded as the most common psychological complication in the States and contributes to acute health status in the United States. Most of the frequently reported cases of suicide are directly associated with depressions as the victims fail to access guidance and counseling sessions, which are beneficial in yielding positive outcomes.

Depression is considered a dangerous and critical mental health complication since all the populations, regardless of age, gender, geographical locations, and walks of life, are vulnerable to this condition (Hoagwood et al, 2018). However, some biological and social aspects expose women to depression more than they do expose to men. Some of these aspects are: hormonal imbalances, feminine gender responsibilities, community roles, and family-related issues. "The world health organization asserts that approximately, millions of people have -dementia worldwide costing billions of dollars despite careers within their families, providing most of the care needed" (WHO, 2019). The statistics on the higher depression victims showing that the number of women supersedes that of male victims, the depression-related social cases are reported more frequently in men than women. The main reason for such contradicting statistical facts is that the majority of men believe they are psychologically stable due to exposure of lesser factors than their female counterparts. Such naive beliefs make them more susceptible victims of negatively attributed depression outcomes. Therefore, depression requires integrated care for the victims as a way of reducing its negative implications in society.

Integrated Care Provision for the Diagnosis in Primary Care Service

Research shows that depression victims find difficult moments while accessing the integrated primary care diagnosis due to very limited time for interaction with medical specialists. Due to private and confidential issues, the majority of depression victims fail to air out their health complications to the relevant agencies for initial stage management requirements of this mental health condition. NICE guidelines (2020) highlights the protocol for the depression victim to adhere to while reporting to the primary caregivers who are the initial medical care practitioners handling such cases. The guideline enhances justice to the victim as all primary care services are offered with the utmost professionalism. NHS England directs that a trained professional can detect mild symptoms of depression at initial stages, which enables the prevention of further damages through the provision of primary services curbing the advancement of the condition. Nuri et al., 2017) opined that psychological, emotional, and behavioral symptoms of depression also occur in most patients living with depression and cause great suffering to them and their primary caregivers.

General practitioners do the clinically significant depression identification process in the primary care in the patients with mild characteristics before being directed to consultants who are responsible in the determination of the critical causative aspects (United Nations, 2016). The initial identification of depression effects on patients in the primary care approach is, however, different for the non-significant because most of the first symptoms might pass undetected and hence leading to faulty in primary care outcomes. There are various factors of consideration in the primary care approach of diagnosis of this mental health complication on patients, which contribute immensely in the diagnosis process. Most of these factors indicate the significant parameters and aspects in the diagnosis of depression in the United Kingdom adults. These factors include: medical organization factors, medical professional factors, and societal factors.

Organizational Factors

The United Kingdom is currently adopting a separate medical primary care service organizations based on specialization. The move enhances the patients with mental health complications such as depression and anxiety access medical services from different facilities where the physical disorder the patients' access. The trend is highly disadvantaging the people living with depression because accessing primary care services from various organizations is quite tedious and cumbersome to the victims (Hoagwood et al, 2018). NICE 2015 guideline provisions direct the adults diagnosed with acute depression complications to seek medical attention in the specified specializing organizations.

Medical Practitioners Factors

There is a vigorous contestation on the establishment of depression as a mental disorder. Primary care professionals, in most cases, are faced with numerous problems of the depression diagnosis process. The situation is caused by a lack of adequate skills that enable them to have better diagnosis skills. A situation is known as "therapeutic nihilism" might develop due to collusion amongst the patients and the medical professionals during the diagnosis of depression. Mental health complications diagnosis in the primary care service provision entirely depends on the medical skills know-how of the medical practitioners. Such a professional perceives that depression is a normal condition that occurs due to patients' inabilities to handle difficult life situations. Some of such life situations include: sicknesses, low self-esteem, low living conditions, and life events.

Societal Factors

Socio-economic aspects in society have profoundly contributed to increased depression cases in the United Kingdom, according to Nations Depression Control Institute statistics. Due to such tough situations, a larger population of these people falls in the ill-health conditions that disable their mental status and hence developing mental health complications. Primary care diagnostic features indicate that mental instabilities of most of the patients are caused by issues associated with gender roles, societal responsibilities, family ties aspects, and economic constraints. It is hence advisable for the primary caregivers and diagnosing professionals to understand their clients and the reasons why such mental health complications developed.

The primary care provider of depression diagnosis involves screening of patients. Screening of the population by various United Kingdome agencies in identifying the depression victims gives substantial outcomes annually (McAndrew et al. 2017). The majority of the victims with such mental health complications are having other related complications such as anxiety and anxiety cases that accelerate depression. However, there have been cases of primary care diagnostic results due to false results caused by faulty machines and screen tools. Such results expose the victims to developing this condition since once the victims are diagnosed negative, yet the condition exists, it increases the hence of depression escalating into another level, which turns out as chronic mental health care problem.

In most cases, such a situation in society causes self-esteem issues in society and within the victim. Stigma has been identified as the most social problem related to depression as the victims feel less and of no benefits in the society hence ending up developing stigma related complications. Alzheimer's Society (2019) underpins that people with depression and anxiety in society faces acute stigmatization. The social status of these groups of people deteriorates and may end up in suicidal cases and other negative implications of stigma in society.

Integrated Care Provision for the Diagnosis in Secondary Service

McAndrew et al., 2017) opined that "The Mini-Mental State Examination is still the most commonly used diagnostic test for depression majorly lies in the historical mental health status background of an individual. Trained medical practitioners normally do the process after the patient has undergone primary care services, which points out the primary mental health complication. Secondary services, according to the Mental Health Foundation, indicate that depression patients have attributed aspects that cause the condition. Secondary care, therefore, focuses on identifying the causes of such mild and chronic mental health complications in the victims.

Depression further stabilized back to the normal mental health status if well managed. Once the secondary services have unearthed the primary contributing agents of the conditions according to the NICE guidelines, it is easier to handle the matter as the depression patient's caregiver tends to avoid such agents. Establishments of various beneficial and engaging programs that gradually restore the mental status of the depression patients is integrated systems developed through the secondary service provision units to reduce the mental issues of boredom and self-reflection that is harmful to the patients' mental stability. The United States of America, the United Kingdom, and Australia are the three countries that have practices this act extensively hence managing to rehabilitate numerous populations of individuals in the nations. World Health Organization (WHO), through the annual assessment of the mental statuses of people through sampling across different countries, indicates that depression-related complications are lowlily recorded in such these three countries. The secondary care services hare highly improved in such countries to maintain their high standards of mental health care and the entire physical care through effectively working health care systems.

High-quality secondary services to depression patients are the critical element in stabilization and during the rehabilitation stages. There have been vast improvements in the service provision by the secondary health care providers based on the issue of quality service provision requirements by the mental health care institutions. Commissioning for Quality and Innovation reimbursement frameworks is a primary secondary service for the depression and anxiety patients that have seen numerous populations of mental health care victims achieve their desired goals of regaining their normal mental conditions (McAndrew et al. 2017). It is a breakthrough for the secondary services providers because the main primary roles are to handle the patients from the primary care service providers and dispense their secondary responsibilities.

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