Free Essay on the Most Intriguing Person: President Barrack Obama

Published: 2021-02-11
Free Essay on the Most Intriguing Person: President Barrack Obama
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The most intriguing person that I know is President Barack Obama, the President of the United States of America. He was born in August 1961 and was raised by his grandparents. Currently, he is the forty fourth president and the first African American to become to president in the United States. Having being born in Honolulu Hawaii, he is actually a graduate from Harvard Law School and Columbia University. While at Harvard University, he served as the president of the Harvard Law Review. Before he earned his law degree, he was a community organizer. He even worked as an attorney of civil rights and worked as a constitution law lecturer at the University of Chicago. He served for three terms while representing the Illinois State. He was unsuccessful for the running of the United States House of Representatives against Bobby Rush in 2000 but this did not stop him to becoming what he is today (Marks 4).

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The presidency of this very intruding man was offset in January 2009. His Presidency was an inheritance form the former President of the United States, George W. Bush. The presidency of George bush had been facilitated by a series of tremendous terror attacks which had become a nuisance and a very rampant threat to the citizens of the United States. The speech of Obama noted in the National Archives, while being taken into consideration, it is clearly evident that the presidency of Obama had an aim which was meant to ensure much higher levels of national security. This was to be achieved by the elimination of any form of terror attack from the soil of the United States (Marks 16). While he is in office, matters that are related to financial crises were listed among the policy decisions of Obama. That was inclusive to the issues on policy changes on the taxes and the issue of the industry of healthcare had also been covered extensively. His complete victory came about when the states economy was at a very devastating state. The economy was near a completely collapse. As a result of that, his presidency aim was on the saving on the economy which was nearly falling which could have resulted into a recession that was very great within all the levels of that specific economy (Dunn 65).

Nevertheless, his presidency has both characteristics of wins and loses altogether. Though, most part of it has been wins through implementation of beneficial bills here and there. Within his first two years as president, President Barack Obama passed quite a number of legislation like the bill on healthcare, successfully. This particular bill on health care meant that that there could be offerings of massive coverage on health issues with the intensive ability of the providence of healthcare that is very affordable on the universal grounds (Dunn 76). In addition to that, the presidency of Barrack is also characterized by victories that are very prominent. A good example is the seven hundred and eighty seven billion dollars Stimulus Bill as a very exclusive characteristic. The bill was passed and its passing took place a month later after he had inherited the presidency from George Bush. The bill of stimulus made store to an economy that was catering as well as a gradual reform on the regulations on the finances which had a major aim of reducing the great odds that had been associated to the Meltdown of the Wall Street. Despite all the wins that President Obama has been able to achieve, there are some loses which are also evident. A good example is the unemployment high levels that have still remain to be a great issue of concern in the United States (Andrews 30).

Through his terms in office, President Obama has been able to address the major issue of concern to the citizens of the United States and the entire world. Obama was responsible for the murder of Osama Bin Laden who had become a worldwide most wanted terrorist. In addition to that, President Obama deployed his military to war zones in Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Libya and Syria. He has tried effortlessly to stop the religious wars that have been going on in the regions. He was able to regulate the condition of gun control that increased the levels of crime in the state. Harsher penalties on gun trafficking were implemented and it was very effective. Security has been greatly improved. He further had negotiations with Iran to prevent it from acquiring nuclear weapons which were meant for mass destruction. Through his reconciliation nature, President Obama was able to restore the poor relations that existed between Cuba and the United States (Dunn 88).

Just recently, President Obama visited Africa. He went to Kenya, where his biological father comes from. He offered several speeches on innovativeness and transparency in the government. He advised the youth on how to become better and doing the best to improve their lives. His visit was very motivational and has brought about further improvements and developments in Kenya. Obama is the only first president, ever sitting to speak before the Africa Union which was in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, in July this year. He encouraged the entire world to increase their ties in terms of the economic aspects through more investments and trade with the entire continent (Marks 22). He also lauded the progresses that were being made in infrastructure, education and the economy in general. In his term as president, he has constantly criticized the lack of democracy within the leaders, and the leaders who want to reign by force with them refusing to step down. He has criticized discrimination against the minorities in terms of religious groups, gender and even ethnicity. He further criticized corruption among all the leaders and their states. He constantly intensifies intense democratization and trade that is free to increase the quality of lives of the people of the world, significantly (Andrews 56).

With intense and thorough observation of President Barrack Obama, his works as a president and his accomplishments, he is a very intelligent man with virtues of leadership beyond himself. As a very powerful leader, his interests are not only based in the service of the United States but also towards the improvement of the entire glob. He regulates peace in whatever way that is possible. He is very supportive of good leadership values which are far way beyond a leaders personal interest. President Obama is a good example of a great leader whose legacy will reign in historical monuments. President Obama is the perfect example of the most intriguing person and is also a very good role model to everyone regardless of their position, social, economic and political entities.


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