Essay Sample: Georgetown University Project Management Online Degree

Published: 2019-10-07
Essay Sample: Georgetown University Project Management Online Degree
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Project management is the oversight, control, and operation of property management. Management shows a need for accountability, monitoring, and to be cared for its condition and useful life. Project Management is also the management of tooling, equipment, personal property, and capital assets that are physical used and acquired to maintain and repair deliverables of the end item. Project management consists of the workforce, systems, and processes required in managing the acquired propertys life cycle. They include disposition, utilization, maintenance, responsibility, accountability control, and acquisition. Project management is more important in a manner that it enables people interested in hiring of companies of trusted property management to visit rental choice. Project management provides property security.In such terms, to secure premises from man-made, illegal intrusions, fires, and theft hazards that endanger vacant or occupied property the manager is also responsible.

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Project management also is critical where liaison between the tenant and owner is needed it provides property manager as a representative to resolve your tenants issues. It helps the owner to address promptly maintenance issues such as plumbing, electrical, painting, roofing, carpentry as they are supposed to be addressed immediately. It helps in services of bookkeeping such as mortgage, and bill payments and timely collection of rent. It assists in tenant application screening process as it includes a search of a bad check, and prior eviction, verification of employment, history of the household, and credit check. Project management helps in the preservation of properties of the tenant. It safeguards the interests of the residents and property owners.

In that regard, the reason as to why I want to attend to Georgetown University Project Management Online Degree is that after doing my research about universities in the area that have Project management program I found it the best. The university has the reputation that is outstanding and reviews that are exceptional when comparing the records of recent graduates. Also, I am enthusiastic about Project Management program at Georgetown University because of the postgraduate Project management programs that are offered. Currently, I am just commencing my journey and ready to join the postgraduate studies program. My crucial goal is to finish Project Management program at Georgetown University. Once I have completed my postgraduate in Project management, my desire is to become a manager to design effective techniques of leadership, and innovations, examine resources, best practices and scenarios of a real world for competing in an increasing complex market successfully. Also, position the firm better for long-term growth and short-term stability. I am sure this career path is the correct one because I grew up in a family where my both parents were managers working in the field of commercial property. Both parents are graduates of the Georgetown University. Considering that, it motivates me so much to do my studies from Georgetown University as it is the best. To pursue Project Management is my long-term goal whereby I would like to earn my postgraduate degree from Georgetown University. In the meantime, I have an undergraduate degree in Project Management, and I am looking forward towards achieving the postgraduate degree from Georgetown University.

Above all, I possess the qualities that can enable me to be an effective project manager after I have completed my postgraduate degree. Such as Enthusiastic, Empathetic, negotiation skills, Thrive under pressure, team building, Sound technical knowledge, setting a clear vision, decision making, Effective leadership, and a good communicator. With the help of these qualities, I will be a capable and multi-skilled Project Manager in handling various kinds of projects in any given environment. As an enthusiastic project manager, I will be at a position of invigorating optimistic expectations to other employees about the project. Being Empathetic I will be at a position of caring and understanding other team members, understand the risks involved, team issues, needs of the stakeholders and the project.

Additionally, I have excellent negotiation skills that will enable me as a project manager settle conflicts without allowing issues to grow and disturb the harmony of the team members. With the skill of thriving under pressure, I will be able to have balanced and calm state of mind at work and avoid negative thoughts. Team building skill will help me as a project manager to ensure that team members have equal rights they deserve and avoid chances of causing team conflicts. Having sound technical knowledge. I will be empowered to take initiatives that are strategic, be the information repository, and have deep insight and adept in handling project technical skills.

Visions will be clearly set in the project management section and be mission driven to avoid obstacles that could hinder the organization from achieving its goals. Decision-making skills will enable in quick thinking and react decisively to avoid the jeopardy of the project. Effective leadership skills will lead to fine-tuning and motivation of the team performance. In addition, a good communication skill will result incautiousness and conveyance of messages without distraction. In academic qualifications, I am an undergraduate degree holder in project management looking forward to achieving more from Georgetown University.

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