Free Essay on Crown Company Worldwide

Published: 2019-05-23
Free Essay on Crown Company Worldwide
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As one of the largest privately held Relocation and Logistics Company in the world, Crown is growing to be amongst the best in the sector. Today, the company can boast of high revenue collection, about five thousand employees worldwide and its presence in more than fifty-five countries around the world. With its headquarters in Hong Kong, the companys success can be attributed to the continual engagement of giving nothing but the best in terms of services, and, also employing the innovative skills of current technology. Crown as a company has been able to achieve all this on both global and local scale, and, there are factors that have encouraged or rather facilitated its tremendous growth. These factors include;

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On global scene

One of the reasons as to why Crown Company could do well on the global scene was because, Thompson decided to reinvest back into the company. He decided to employ more employees and all the profits he would get reinvested. And, as a result of this more offices were opened in other areas such as North America and Europe. In spite the idea that the company was facing so many challenges and competition from other institution that were on the same line of service delivery.

Secondly, Thompson decided to diversify the company to serve numerous needs, something that made it fit into the global market more easily. By the year 2004, the company had decided on various brands that the company would run on, for instance, the company created the crown relocation management and crown logistics. These are the different areas that the company came up with to ease their entry into the global scene.

The company was able to make its decision that could not be affected by other local partners and, therefore, enhance its service delivery to the consumers. The company was also able to choose their partners according to their terms something that was very crucial for their global growth.

On local CSR plan

On the local scene, the company managed to engage the consumers in their CSR activities, and, one of these was relocating most of their employees, whom by far had a much better life than the local citizens. Secondly, the company decided to engage in more initiatives that would rather enhance its cooperation with the local partners. For instance, the company partnered with the standard chartered group to increase the awareness of HIV and AIDS.

The company was also able to encourage the employees by motivating them to engage more with their local communities and thus be able to volunteer in more CSR activities. Harvey, the daughter of the company founder, believed that the employees would engage the community more and make them give back services that were of any kind.

The company also gave that freedom to the local offices to participate more in environmentally friendly activities that they felt were relevant. A good example would be in the recognition of the World Environmental Day where the company joined the initiative of cutting a kilo of carbon dioxide that was initially promoted by the Carbon Neutral Company.The way they participated was very simple; the company encouraged their employees to switch off their light and thus reducing the carbon emission into the environment.

All in all, the company has strived to achieve the best and in terms of their service delivery, they have managed to provide their consumers with the best of services. Today, it is amongst the best in this sector.

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