Internet and Network Security - Paper Example

Published: 2023-12-13
Internet and Network Security - Paper Example
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There are several threats ransomware poses to organizations. The vectors ransomware can get access to a computer system by phishing in the form of spam. Spams are attachments that get to the computer user in the way of emails veiled as files they ought to trust once the user downloads these files, they take over the user's computer system (Al-rimy, Maarof & Shaid, 2018). It occurs when the systems have social engineering tools that are in-built, which tricks computer users into permitting managerial access. Other forms of ransomware include NotPetya, WannaCry, among others.

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Explain the definition of ransomware

Ransomware is a system of malware encrypting a target's files. It stops operators from getting into their files or systems by demanding payment of a ransom to reclaim access. Therefore, it is a malware form preventing or limiting users from accessing their systems by locking the computer screen or the files in the Computer until that time when the user pays a ransom (Al-rimy, Maarof & Shaid, 2018). There are modern ransomware types that are jointly categorized as crypto-ransomware, encrypting some types of files on infected computers forcing a user to pay the sum through some operational payment systems before getting decrypt keys to access the files.

Summarize the WannaCry threat

In defining WannaCrythreat, it is a form of ransomware targeting CPUs running the Microsoft Windows operational encrypts data, and demands ransom costs in the ways of Bitcoin cryptocurrency. It also has some other names like Wanna Decryptor, Wana Decrypt0r 2.0, or even WannaCrypt. Therefore, it is a form of ransomware worm which spread fast across many system networks in May of 2017. It has a particular mode of operation because immediately it infects Computer Windows, its next action is encrypting files on the Computer's hard drive, thereby preventing the user from accessing the system until the time the demanded ransom is paid in for of a ransom and that is when the user can decrypt data from the system. Many factors made the early spread of WannaCry mostly noteworthy (Al-rimy, Maarof & Shaid, 2018). For example, it collided with a large amount of significant and prominent systems, including many in Britain's National Health Service; it broke a Windows susceptibility which was alleged to have been first revealed by the National Security Agency of the United States; and it was cautiously associated by security researchers and Symantec to a cybercrime organization called Lazarus Group linked to North Korean administration.

Which risk register would you use to identify WannaCry?

The risk register can be defined as a risk and project management tool that is useful in identifying potential risks in projects and or organizations. Not only is it used to stay on top of potential problems that may disrupt intended results, but also useful in fulfilling regulatory compliance.sometimes to fulfill regulatory compliance but mostly to stay on top of potential issues that can derail intended outcomes (Al-rimy, Maarof & Shaid, 2018). In identifying the best risk register to use in determining WannaCry, it must include all data on the risks already identified. For example, the record should remember the nature and level of the risk, the person owning it, and mitigation procedures in place responding to it. And so, the best risk register should have mechanisms for collecting possible risks and then mapping out paths of getting back the projects on track in case the risks become realities. And so since WannaCry provides the current crisis in the cyber-space due to its nasty pieces of ransomware which attacks establishments around the world, there is a need for their management. Thus the need for sporadic risk valuations of life-threatening structures in identifying cyber-security pressures, and so is the need for resolving gap prevailing, and which the excellent administration and risk managing are solved.


Al-rimy, B. A. S., Maarof, M. A., & Shaid, S. Z. M. (2018). Ransomware threat success factors, taxonomy, and countermeasures: A survey and research directions. Computers & Security, 74, 144-166.

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