Teaching Essay Sample with Lesson Plan Steps

Published: 2022-03-25
Teaching Essay Sample with Lesson Plan Steps
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State Standards (NCSCOS)

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Learning Target (Daily Lesson Objective): The student should be able to remember, understand, try to apply what he is taught, analyze the particular subject, evaluate and compile information together in different ways.

21st Century Skills: Materials and Technology: In this lesson material to be used are library textbooks and also power point presentation by the students.

Discourse: This is how students will talk or write so as communicate to show their understanding where each of the disciplines has its own way to communicate.

Talking Writing

Participating in group discussions

Answering and asking questions

Through presentations

Writing of essays

Through poem writing

Filling of .of the graphic organizer

Syntax: help the students in structuring their sentences through proper grammar and sentence formulation in a good and perfect order.

Prior Knowledge: here there should be a little reflecting on the previous topics so as to jog their minds before the lesson starts

Global Awareness/Real World Experiences: Give various be example on how the topic related to real world

Lesson Plan Steps

Lesson Steps Description of Activities and Teacher Script Materials Time

1. Focus and Review

Asking of general questions, this will include asking of questions regarding the previous lesson. Creating of a topic sentence that will trigger the students mind in the lesson participation.

Try and build an experience or set up several examples regarding to the topic

2. Learning Target (Daily Lesson Objective)

There should be a learning objective which should be achieved by the end of lesson.

Like at the end of the lesson each student should be in a position to say that he or she can state clearly what he has learnt

3. Teacher Input

The teacher should find various skills like creation of songs that will enable the students understand the topic of discussion. It may also be applicable through presentation of various tasks and practical's to enable better understanding.

4. Guided Practice

Guiding of the students step by step on what the lesson was all about. This is through giving them notes that will guide them during their reading and presentation where the whole class is involved.

5. Independent Practice

For personal assistance of the student in the revision of what he was taught that lesson this may be through giving him of take away and class assignments that will enable him to reflect on that on days lesson

6. Assessment

There should be both the formal and in formal type of assessment where by the formal will contribute to the students' final mark which may be in form of written examination texts and quiz, while informal may not contribute to the final mark but will be based on class participation, presentation and discussions.

7. Closure

Here one should try and ask random questions regarding the lesson objective so as to check the understanding of the students and areas where he should clarify based on the topic at hand 8. Reflection on Lesson: Involves one checking and analyzing himself on how he conducted the lesson and what changes one can do to make the lesson more interesting like how to break the boredom when teaching, and how to conduct the lesson differently if he was to teach the particular topic again.

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