Scholarship Essay Example

Published: 2019-10-15
Scholarship Essay Example
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Dear Scholarship Nomination Committee:

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I have had a difficult experience when growing up in the rural areas of Pennsylvania. In my community, only a few members have been to college. The few I know in person are my teachers. Many of my older male friends had left the area to find jobs in the city. Pennsylvania is one of the areas that have high numbers of female school dropouts due to early pregnancy while boys drop out for financial endeavours. Many dropouts are experienced at tenth grade. Therefore, it is unfortunate that there are few role models in my hometown. Moreover, most families are poor and rely on the government welfares for upkeep. Despite the unfavourable environment compounded with both financial constraints and lack of mentorship, I still soldiered on with my dreams of becoming a human rights activist. I knew my parents would struggle to pay my college fees. However, my life experience has given me a strong desire to be a law advocate championing the rights and the needs of the less unfortunate people in our society. The Clinton Foundation scholarship would greatly help me achieve my educational dreams and fulfil my responsibility to my community.

Education and Professional Goals

I plan to finalise my undergraduate degree program in Constitutional Law and become a human rights advocate in the United States. I dropped out from the Drexel University College of Law, after only two years of my law study. Apparently, I am conducting research on womens social democracy and economic empowerment while working as an employee of a local Non-Government Organization for community development in Pennsylvania. My drop out was prompted by the lack of financial support. Currently, I yearn to pursue my dreams. I believe that my research works will be a pillar for future policies on protection and empowerment of the few minorities and less fortunate members of our society. My admission to Drexel University College is so dear to me that I still intend to complete my educational programs

Leadership roles and community involvement

I have relevant experience, which I acquired after my break from college. After dropping out of college, I have being involved in community services such as mentoring through working nongovernmental organisations like Volunteers of America, Big Brothers& Big Sisters and Women Leaders for a Better Tomorrow. On a personal level, I have acted as a role model for the young men and women who are losing hope in life.

Financial Need

The Clinton Foundation Scholarship provides a great chance for people like me who are struggling to cope in colleges because they cannot afford to pay college fees. Hence, even with their ability to succeed, financial in capabilities remain an obstacle to their career. Despite working for various Non- governmental organisations, my earning cannot withstand both my upkeep and college fees. Your scholarship offers a lot in helping me realise my dreams. Therefore, I am submitting my application with great honour and appreciation as hope for your consideration.

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