Industrial Design - Personal Statement Essay Example

Published: 2022-02-25
Industrial Design - Personal Statement Essay Example
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Industrial design is a field that integrates the knowledge of both arts and science in practice. It is essential in helping companies in establishing efficient industrial production processes which meet emerging trends such as lean manufacturing. In studying industrial design, the students are expected to make hand-drawn sketches and build full-size models. Achieving competence in the discipline thus requires that students nurture responsive expertise such as high creativity, skillful hands, and perfect sense of aesthetics. After a period of comprehensive study of industrial-design studying, one develops the competency of making beautiful sketches and models. These models are user-friendly and come in different forms including chairs, phone, and many other industrial product lines. Now, I have been studying industrial design for one year which has not only culminated in my acquisition of knowledge and skills but also a sense of self-discovery.

Before coming to study industrial design, I was an international business student in China. Nonetheless, I chose to pursue industrial design as a major since my parents want me to apply my business knowledge in helping them run their company. The business knowledge that I acquired has been instrumental in helping me understand how to make the designs more attractive for both users and companies. During my study of international business, I realized that it was not my passion hence started taking part in various competitions and social activities in school. From the diverse activities in which I participated, I established my passion for design. Right from the beginning of studying design through online self-studying, I found it very interesting. The sheer passion, dedication, and love for design culminated into one of my concept design project for a VR glass company being invited to show at the technology exhibition in Shanghai. During the technology exhibition, I got acquainted with a stranger who got really interested in my concept design and also had a great passion for it. Within a few weeks of communication, I learned that he was an industrial design student studying at Art Center in the United States. He challenged me that despite the much I knew, I still had a lot to learn on design, and he was generous enough to share some his designs with me. He further encouraged me to consider studying abroad as a way of advancing my competence in design. This is the first time I realized that there are thousands of designers who are much talented in it and working harder than me to achieve greater skills and knowledge that respond to current trends. Based on this realization, I made an informed decision to study industrial design abroad. Despite the fact that it takes me a lot of time to convince my parents to support my study of industrial design overseas, I have the conviction that it is worth taking it as a new step. Finally, I got my offer from Auburn and my parents agree to support my design studying.

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Before I was 16 years old, the experiences that I had made me cling to the slogan of doing what I want to do without giving in to limitations and obstructions. However, after my study in Auburn, I just realized that despite how passionate someone about something, there is always somebody who can do it better and use less time. Since I had not learned drawing before, I faced heavy pressure and all kinds of challenges during the first three months in studio studying. For example, I was not the type of person who can finish drawing a high-quality design in limited time. Sometimes I was the first student to come into the studio but the last one to leave. I got good grades by allocating a lot of time to studying and drawing, but still, I could not reach the top of the ranking list. It was really difficult for me to get over the lack of confidence and disappointment in myself. But one day, my classmates started to ask me about how to render with markers. I found out that I can do better than almost everyone on rendering due to my patience in practicing a lot. During the term of study, I progressed to learn from other people, became bolder to appreciate others, and never lost hope and confidence in myself.

From my circumstances, and predicaments in the course of studying industrial design, I developed the conception that talent is important for every learning area, but experiences can still serve in the place of a talent. When I studied international business in China, I already learned how to use design programs like Photoshop and illustrator. This implied that even though I was not good at drawing and modeling, I still could improve my design by using the professional programs on the computer or tablet. Also, I participated in a lot of design competitions and activities, so I became more sensitive to the kind of design language which is more ahead and the most popular area or trend in industrial design.

Recently, my classmates asked me about which institution I would choose to pursue my master's degree. I realized that though Art Center is my dream college, it is almost impossible for me to study there because Art Center does not offer masters programs. It means that if I chose Art Center, I need to spend another four years in school studying. Also, Art Center is the top design college in the world with more competitive admission requirements than any oth...

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