Free Essay Sample about Individualized Care Plan Development

Published: 2019-06-19
Free Essay Sample about Individualized Care Plan Development
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Being institutionalized as a Down syndrome patient, Valerie has availed all the essential support systems for health care, special education, and related services by the institution as mandated by the law. Expressing a desire to move brings with it numerous challenges as now the obligation of locating, identifying and coordinating the critical resources for a Down syndrome patients shifts to the individual and members of his family. The period of transitioning can cause multiple challenges. However, there are community and government initiated programs and resources that can be exploited to grant an exciting, productive transition with great satisfaction.

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Valerie could enroll to vocational programs or apprenticeships and trade schools offering short causes in instilling some skills such as sewing. The skills gained will provide her with an opportunity to participate in an income generating activity thus give her access to being financially independent. If she has a particular interest in a specific professional field, she may secure a part-time job or offer to volunteer. Valerie could also seek gainful employment through applying for advertised jobs. She also has an option to secure supported employment where she will receive support services from someone better at doing the job. The person will facilitate her learning of how to do the job effectively and independently.

Valerie desire to move out of the institution creates a demand for her housing. In the process of figuring out the transition from an institution to an independent living life, housing is an important factor of consideration. The option for Valerie could be to move in with a family member, but her desire to get married and maybe a family of her own is indicative of a desire to stay alone. Programs such as leisure-based or Dayhab programs could be possible for placing Valerie. The programs are supported by Medicaid and the activities in these programs include learning life skills, community outings for the residents and recreation facilities. Valerie has an option also to seek a privately, personally owned house where she has control of house routines, furnishings and roommates. The option can enhance her independence status. The most prominent option for Valerie is securing a vendor-owned living environment famously referred to as congregate housing or community residences. Shared-living is another option Valerie could opt for however finding persons ready to take in a Down syndrome person is quite difficult because of the responsibility they might be forced to assume.

Valerie medication and prescription considerations have to be monitored now since she has no one to offer supervise over them. It is important that she can discern the reason for the medication and the possible side effects it may cause. A family member can help with following up with her medication schedule. She should follow the guidelines as set out in the Down Syndrome Health Care Guidelines for Individuals with Down syndrome. Some of the medicals requirements are biannual auditory testing, occasional cervical spine x-rays, regular clinical evaluation of the heart, baseline Mammography and general physical and neurological examination.

This resources will help integrate Valerie into the world and ensure she has a seemingly normal life. Being financially independent will give her control over her life, and she can steer herself to the direction in which her desires will be fulfilled. Her care plans will be helpful in ensuring she is conscious of the medication she is taking and encourage her to take her prescription on schedule and as prescribed. The mandatory tests will ensure she is in perfect health condition and not in any danger of being susceptible to physical, mental and emotional ailments. The housing resources will improve her living standards and further facilitate her integration into the community. From the range of housing possibilities she can pick one which she is most comfortable and one that will cater for her needs as a person living with a disability.

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