Free Paper: Individual Research Project on Emaar Properties

Published: 2022-05-27
Free Paper: Individual Research Project on Emaar Properties
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This is a Company dealing in real estate properties, and it is located in the United Arab Emirates. It operates as a public joint regarding stock, and it is one of the companies that are included in the Financial Market of Dubai and has a steady market value of around $14.6 billion of US dollars as at May 3, 2017. Emaar properties are an international property development management of Services Company. Emaar is one of the most stabilized businesses in the world operating with around six business divisions, and it also works in more than 36 markets across the globe. It is estimated to be among the most established real estate developers in the United Arab Emirate World. It is the company that built the tallest building in the world because of its large-scale project development. The company came into existence by 1997 when it was founded by, Mohammed Alabbar and the Chief Executive Officer, John Carfi.

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It'll be fair to note that Emaar properties trade its commercial and residential services at the Dubai Financial Market. This acts as the company's first business mark. The company has several branches which help the leading company to push for its agenda of quality delivery of services for economic purpose. Emaar properties are a relatively more significant company serving the more substantial section of the United Arab Emirates. It has got a total asset value of around 4.32 billion dollars' worth which puts it on the global map with competitive firms. This is what has enabled the company to conquer various markets in a bid to explore and provide quality products and services. The company employs an estimated 10000 people across its extensive investments. This has enabled the company to earn reputation across the globe as well as winning accolades for its outstanding contribution to the development process. Dubai Financial Market listed this company in 2000 and therefore becoming the first property company offering shares to foreign investors and its original face of the development of the project commenced in 2001 when it awarded the tender in a joint venture to construct 3 out of 6 apartments' towers. Emaar announced its plans in 2003 for its signature.

Notably, Emaar properties have seen continuous tremendous growth since its inception. It developed the largest shopping mall called the Dubai Mall. The mall has more than 1200 facilities for storage and an estimated 200 restaurants. The firm also commissioned another landmark development project in the name Downtown Dubai area around Dubai Fountain. The company has also engaged in a blueprint to ensure that it constructs the world's tallest building and would be taller than Burji Khalifa, the current tallest building. It has also contributed immensely in various international projects in multiple countries of the world.

In addition to the contributions that Emaar property has made, it's continuing to gain confidence in the corporate world. This has helped this great company to gain weight and compete favorably with other firms thereby enabling it to stay in business for long while expanding its business activities. From my observations, therefore, Emaar properties have the potentiality to conquer the business world and be the best by maintaining its pace and service delivery to its customers.

It goes without having to state that Emaar Company is in a better position to even earn more profits because it has stabilized its roots in the business world. This is compounded by the fact that it is operating on a firm financial base that can quickly enable it to enjoy more profits. I would, therefore, recommend buying the stock from the company because the financial capability of Emaar Company is so stable such that the financial security of the investors will be safeguarded.


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