Business Finance Essay Example

Published: 2019-05-31
Business Finance Essay Example
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Incremental variable cost for year one and same yet adjusted for inflation for year two to year 5.

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Incremental cost associated with automation for year one and same yet adjusted for inflation for year two to year 5.

Adjusted rework costs by 80% of current for year one to year 5, adjusted for 2% inflation annual adjustment.

Incremental depreciation cost for year one to year 5. No inflation adjustments.

Incremental tax deducted at 28% on incremental EBIT.


The above costs are future-oriented.

All are not sunk costs.

Tied directly to the evaluation of the expansion program.

Time value of those cash flows can be respectively computed.


Concentrate on the difference approach.

Compute the incremental cash flows in respect to both projects. As opposed to total cost of each approach.

Errors are likely to occur, where total cost of each cost is applied, reasons:

Total profit approach is cumbersome, tiresome.

It doesnt integrate the aspect of time value of money.

Total profit aspect is ambiguous, it has no clear interpretation since profit may be inflated hence misleading.

Question 3

Exhibit 1.0 inserted excel, with a series of sheets. Workings are integrated respectively.

The other methods evaluation of expansion proposal, such as IRR, payback period and Profitability index result to a contradicting deduction relative to NPV method. They do not preferably give Favorable insight per se.

Question .4

Initial multiyear cash requirement

It increases interest and financing cost

Unfavorable pressure on cash flow

A favorable shield

It will increase the cost of capital beyond 9.5%

Increase the chances of solvency in the company

ii) Implication will be difference since the company would consider stand-alone project cash flows and not incremental cash flows, therefore the implications would be different inter alia.

Question 5

Extract of Washwares report for directors

Adopt the proposal


Exhibit 1.0 above has analytical evaluation of the proposed program based on NPV technique. Considering the general rule of this technique a project of positive NPV should be adopted since it is financially viable. Other Techniques of project evaluation analysis such as payback period, IRR, PI have also been analyzed and the recommended option deducted. However other methods save for NPV have serious short false such as ignorance of time value of money, this explains the preferences of NPV technique deduction and analysis.


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