Free Essay Sample: Improvement of Childcare

Published: 2019-12-02
Free Essay Sample: Improvement of Childcare
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Children remain the most vulnerable and susceptible to health conditions besides the aged patients. The reason for this is that their bodies are developing and that their immunity is still weak. At the same time, it is important to note that their body comprises of fast generative cells thus their recovery is high as compared to any other age group. Medical practitioners are therefore tasked with ensuring profound healthcare to these children thus the need to continuously develop effective intervention strategies. My experience in the childcare realm has enlightened me on the special needs of a child that we as medical care providers need to be aware of for effective healthcare intervention. Such factors include forming a good relationship with the child and in the case of the toddlers, the effective identification of the conditions affecting them since they cannot point out where they are ailing.

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According to the definition of a child, they are defined from the time they are born to adolescent. However, it is important to note that the most significant age is that of an infant where they entirely depend on the mother. Notably, a childs communication on health challenges or any other issue when they are toddlers is through crying. Pediatric health care providers should, therefore, identify the correct strategies through which they can understand the childs autonomy and development. One of the effective ways in which medical practitioners develop is through experience where they interact with several children thus coming across various conditions. It is also essential to consider research and development in enhancing child care. Most importantly is the aspect of various programs that touch on the childcare. Some of the research programs include neurology which is based on the childs brain development.

Another strategy that ensures the development of the medical practitioners responsible for children is that of education and training which introduces the proven aspects that are essential in childcare. According to nursing practice, one of the most important aspects to consider is regular research on new and improved strategies that improve the quality of childs outcome. Some of the research includes evidence based which is used to exhibit the importance of a given developed intervention in the child welfare. While some of the devised strategies are integrated into the current healthcare realm, it is essential to note that the new approaches are essential in providing insight to others which may improve on the research. Childcare is considered a challenging situation as a result of the patient characteristics. First, one has to establish a profound relationship with them to identify their challenges correctly. With this regard, there are other skills required which will assist in the easy identification of the issues facing the child as well as the best intervention. Essential to consider also is effective communication, analytical and critical analysis skills regarding the situation. Notably, medical practitioners should also ensure they keep a track record of the childs condition. Additionally, it is important to work closely with the childs parent who will communicate on the different issues affecting their children.

In conclusion, children, especially infants and toddlers are a challenging lot to deal with in the healthcare realm. This is affiliated to their inability to effectively communicate on their challenges. Pediatric medical practitioners are therefore tasked with ensuring they correctly identify the condition of the child. Equally, it is essential to consider research and development as well as the importance of profound relationship with the parents to develop effective intervention strategies.

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