Paper Example on Importance of Regularly Drinking Water

Published: 2024-01-30
Paper Example on Importance of Regularly Drinking Water
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Water is the driving mechanism in the body functions, which range from blood circulation, digestion, and body temperature regulation. It helps the body get rid of toxic waste products. As it works to maintain the body's efficient functioning, we need to regularly drink water to replace the used up quantity that is lost during the process. Most of the water retained in the body becomes absorbed ad used up through the natural body functions. It is also essential to note the importance of regular water intake because our bodies lose water through sweat and urine as it gets rid of excessive body wastes (Rahman).

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Regular water intake is a basic human requirement because it is used in every cell and tissue within the body. Body organs depend on water to maintain the essential functions that they have and to regulate body temperature. Therefore, an individual needs to keep hydrated by drinking water because the body organs and cells used a large percentage to maintain their normal functions. In addition to maintaining the normal functioning of body organs, it keeps the body tissues moist. This helps retain the required level of moisture in the sensitive body parts. Keeping the body hydrated helps in maintaining the required levels of moisture in the body tissues (Zelman). Additionally, the body needs water to protect the spinal cord because it is a lubricant.

Adequate water intake helps the body get rid of wastes through defecation, urination, and perspiration. Waste products are harmful if they are retained in the body. Therefore, one needs to stay hydrated, as this helps the kidneys get rid of toxic waste products in the body (Migala). Food digestion is an essential function of water. Staying hydrated helps in digestion and the absorption of food in the bloodstream. Water helps to prevent digestion issues such as constipation to help maintain a well-functioning digestion system. It helps break down the consumed food, allowing the body to absorb the required nutrients from food for its proper functioning. Immediately after hydration, both the small and large intestines absorb water that moves into the bloodstream and helps the body break down nutrients (JĂ©quier & Florence, 115).

Water intake is essential in that it prevents the body from getting dehydrated. Vigorous exercises, sweating, vomiting, and diarrhea get rid of much water within the body. Therefore, it is important for any individual who loses fluids through the mentioned processes to increase the water intake rate so that the body's natural hydration level can be restored. Regular fluid intake helps the body treat certain health conditions such as urinary tract stones and various bladder infections.

The optimum functioning of the bran is highly dependent on the level of water intake. Dehydration drags an individual's memory, attention, and energy. The brain comprises of more water than any other component as water makes Up to 75% of the brain. When an individual feels foggy-headed, it indicates an imbalance in the electrolytes that normally prevents the brain from functioning (Leech). Low electrolytes resulting from dehydration causes certain issues such as fatigue and confusion resulting from muscle weakness.

Therefore, people need to have regular water intake in the recommended amounts, which is roughly 2.5 liters daily. The efficient functioning of the body is only made efficient when one takes inadequate quantities of water. Dehydration can lead to severe damage in body cells and tissues alongside joint problems because water helps in the tissues and joints' lubrication (Holway).

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