Importance of NCAA - Free Essay Example

Published: 2019-09-26
Importance of NCAA - Free Essay Example
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The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is an association that is non-profitable and approximately associate with 1,281 institutions, conferences, organization, and individuals in the regulation of athletics. It also has a role of organizing programs of athletics in most of the colleges as well as universities in the United States. It has helped many university students athletes that do compete on an annual basis in the university sports. The organization is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, and was founded by President Theodore Roosevelt. NCAA has been faced by a number of challenges; it has been accused of having taken a different position while responding to the lawsuit that was filed by former athletes of North Carolina University. The lawsuit had claimed that the students were not getting adequate Education because of being caught in the academic fraud scandal in the history of NCAA. Despite being associated with lowering of standards of Education, NCAA has claimed to be having no legal responsibility for ensuring there is integrity in the courses that are offered to the athletic students in the institutions where it is a member. For this and many reasons NCAA has been regarded as not helpful to organizations therefore not needed. However, the evidence is abounding on the positive contributions of NCAA not only in the lives of students but also enhancement of athletics in the country.

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NCAA has helped students in achieving their dreams in Education by raising enough money for their studies. Students that are unable to raise enough money for their Education participate in the summer ball as a way of earning a living (Palestini & Robert, 2008). It has come up with strong enforcements on the rule of scholarship; a time limit that should be used by students, if any student met the set standards, he/she has to be recognized as a student of a good stand, therefore, should play Summer ball for money if interested (Eng & Ngiang Jiang, 2010). If NCAA was not in place, it could have a problem in many schools as many students would fail to pay the required fees (Hariman & Lucaites, 2007). This will especially disadvantage schools that get no profits from programs of athletics. In as much as many schools can afford to give support to a few teams, they cannot be financially responsible for sports that are not profitable for their institution. The NCAA also remains the governing body in this sports that are not profit generating, which include gymnastics as well as lacrosse. This shows that NCAA has a significant role in the college athletics as it helps students to achieve their academic dreams while nurturing their talents.

The Association has brought athletics into a sincere relationship in the intellectual life of the college as well as universities squarely onto the shoulders of the faculty. The faculty has a primary responsibility of ensuring that the athletes also gain experience through involvements in activities associated with their Education (Hariman & Lucaites, 2007). It ensures that the athlete has appropriate opportunity to fully participate in the process of Education and also that a proper balance is at the end achieved between athletics as well as academics (Crawford, 2007). The faculty manages the forces that may trigger the student to move away from gaining experience in Education are tampered with and thus giving the athlete an opportunity that is adequate in pursuing the goals of Education. NCAA has tried it best in regulating as well as supervising athletics in institutions in the entire United States (Hariman & Lucaites, 2007). This has been done with an aim of having a maintaining an ethical code that is used in the keeping of dignity as well as high purpose in issues of Education. It brought together a good number of schools so as to be able to come up with changes in the rules of football so as to make the game be safer on that front. It also urged the students to try their best to behave in a manner that will portray athletics in a context of the colleges larger calling (Palestini & Robert, 2008). It was clear that most of the schools had failed in getting its students to operate in ethical planes to help keep up with issues of dignity as well as having a high purpose in their Education ,but NCAA, through the introduction of sanity codes has played a significant role in solving this problem.

Lastly, it also has a role in making of policies in other aspects of the programs of athletic. Other issues that are involving policy have got administrative components that are very substantial and thus, will come within a range of authority in the confines of the university. Administration issues have a significant implication on Education .For instance, making a decision to move to a higher level in the athletic competitions may make the athlete to face increased pressures on their schedules of academic work (Palestini & Robert, 2008). Due to the mixed character in Education as well as administrative, related issues of athletics policies will at the time be forced to call for a joint participation by faculty as well as administration where appropriate (Hariman & Lucaites, 2007). The faculty has also shared its interests in coming up with plans for a long-term development of colleges. The faculty, however, needs to play a more influential role important role in the allocation of resources within the institution. Making of policies has an impact on the functions of governance and thus need for the faculty to be properly involved. Involvement of NCAA in the joint policy-making body is undertaken in the furtherance of the roles of governance (Hariman & Lucaites, 2007). Because of the way issues of athletics are mixed, a joint deliberative body is often appropriate in resolving of matters of matters that are overlapping the main objectives of the participating entities.

In summary, NCAA has an important role to play in the enhancement of sports in the country. For one, it has helped students in raising enough money to help them pursue their dreams in Education. It has also helped in bringing the athletics into a relationship that is very productive in the intellectual life of the college, and also the university students. NCAA has further played a significant role in making of policies in various aspects of the athletic programs in the United States. The results of its involvement have been great and substantially helped in the development of all-rounded persons in the society. Therefore, it should be supported in its efforts and promoted in spite of the challenges it is facing


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