Example 1: Reference List (Find 3 errors)

Published: 2023-01-10
Example 1:  Reference List (Find 3 errors)
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Naef, R., Ph.D., RN, Ward, R., Ph.D., DipSW, Mahrer-Imhof, R., Ph.D., RN, Grande, G., Ph.D. (2017). A world shared - a world apart: The experience of families after the death of a significant other late in life. Journal of Advanced Nursing, vol. 73 (1), 149-161.

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The Preferred Reference

Naef, R., Ward, R., MahrerImhof, R., & Grande, G. (2017). A world shared-a world apart: the experience of families after the death of a significant other late in life. Journal of advanced nursing, 73(1), 149-161.

Problem Number



3. APA Section


How differences are constructed

Identifying a journal article APA Page Number

Location 378

Location 183

Location 309 Description

There is no proper written reference about the surname of the author, co-authors, italicizing the journal name, writing down the volume number, and writing the overall reference for a journal article that does not have DOI number.

The general references that involve writing the author's name date of publication title of the work and the initials of the second names were not followed properly.

Sister journal article does not have a DOI number; it was supposed to be accompanied by an external link to the site that outlines the path to which the journal article was written. There is no precise link to the journal article.

Example 2: Numbers (Find one error)

The sample consisted of forty-five family caregivers out of a possible 128 patients enrolled in the clinical trial.

Problem Number

1. APA


I am referencing books chapters and page numbers. APA Page Number

Location 500


The information is not cited with a precise author of the publications page number of chapters that outline that 128 patients were enrolled in a clinical trial.

Example 3: Writing Style (Find one error)

The article discussed the prevalence of HIV in urban communities.



1. APA


Edition APA Page


Location 500 Description

Since the journal article was first written and published on 17th August 2016, it was then re-edited and painted on January 2017 from page 149 to 160 and granted to be volume 73 with issue 1. However, the referencing was not able to differentiate the first edition from the second one.

Example 4: Reference Citation; Quotation (Find 3 errors)

(Note: Authors are Klaus and Steinwedel.)

"Preparation for Maggot Debridement Therapy (MDT) as debridement should include optimization of the wound. Patient nutritional status, hydration, perfusion, and pain intensity should be addressed to optimize wound healing after effective debridement. The wound should be cleaned of all dried exudate and eschar before application of medical-grade maggots." (Klaus, 2015)

Problem Number



3. APA


Acknowledging the authors

Citing text.

No proper citation is placed before a full stop. APA Page Number

Location 500 of the book


There was only one other acknowledged instead of both authors who are Klaus and Steinwedel.

The in-text citation is too long for acknowledging the author's concepts.

The best attention could include the following, intext, quotation marks, a bracket to introduce the authors, the two authors separated by a conjunction, year of publication, and page number.


"Text" (Klaus & Steinwedel, 2015, p. xx).

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