Essay Sample: Impacts of Technology on Education

Published: 2019-05-30
Essay Sample: Impacts of Technology on Education
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Education is the process of acquiring knowledge, values, skills, beliefs, and cognitive habits through means of learning, storytelling, discussion, training, and researching. Education takes place under the relative guidance of educators or teaching aids (Dewey 1). Technology, on the other hand, is the collection of relevant technique, skills, methods and processes that are utilized in production of goods and services to accomplish a given goal or objectives (Arthur 28).

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In recent times, education to a sense has been heavily linked with advanced teaching machines, which have enhanced and lighted the workloads among scholars. In contrast, early ages education were characterised by materials being written in scrolls using reeds and stored in libraries where scholars would meet and peruse through them in the quest for knowledge. This has changed in this modern education period, whereby reading materials are just a click away, with the help of internets, Wikipedia and internet-enabled cell phones. This to a great deal has enhanced education to be available to all, as it saves time, energy and resources, hence doing away with the scholarly notion that existed during the early ages.

Technology has enhanced learning processes among various institutions. This is because, online education services have been rendered open to all, which has limited education to be easily accessed via online platforms such as the internet through webcams, emails and so on. Through online learning, education has been open to all, as the poor people in the society can access education with minimal tuition fees through online learning. Moreover, online learning has enabled people who are working and have little to no time to enrol in daily programmes in various institutions, to be able to advance their education through more sophisticated teaching machines which are through online learning.

Technological advancement in education has replaced the traditional chalkboards methods of teaching with modern smart boards which has enabled students to utilize tablets, projectors and video conferencing in online learning that has enhanced student's engagement in class, which has promoted their cognitive levels to greater heights. Technology has facilitated online teacher to student interaction which has enabled students to be able to make their choices with ease hence creating independence among them.

Despite the good that comes with technology, it has some adverse impacts on scholars. Issues of cheating in examination have been simplified, as internet enabled mobile phones have been used to access necessary data during examinations with ease, hence enhancing students to acquire false good grades. Mathematical calculators have been programmed to displace formula during mathematical examinations which has enhanced students to get quality grades through false efforts. More so, online copy pasting techniques by scholars have enhanced plagiarism techniques in their projects and articles, which have affected their reputation among their peers.

In essence, technological support towards education has been instrumental in enhancing scholarly achievements among scholars with minimal ease, as technology has enabled them to be versed with current trends in changes of the education systems, knowledge in marketable courses and emerging issues in the international system. This to a greater sense has enabled the scholarly world to be like a village, as information can be exchanged within seconds from one place to the other with ease.

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