Free Essay: Impact of Cultural Change to Employees, Organizations or Society

Published: 2019-10-10
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The new smoke-free work environment is a cultural change designed after realizing the hazardous effects caused by tobacco to all parties of a working environment (American Cancer Society, 2016). Such hazardous effects are inclusive of all life-threatening conditions that are associated with all forms of tobacco usage. When structured as a policy in a workplace, it restricts smoking of tobacco as well as usage of oral tobacco products, by both the employees and non-employees in a working environment.

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Impacts on the employees

A tobacco-free working environment aids in developing a safer and healthier workplace for all employees. Employees who may be bothered by the tobacco smoke will not be exposed to it while at work. Ultimately, Tobacco users who may like to quit the habit may also have a good chance of achieving their objective in such an environment.

Impacts on Organizations

In such an environment, the organizations can appreciate staff members who follow a clear company policy restricting the abuse of any form of drug, including tobacco, in the workplace. This will also ensure that an organization attain its goals on time by avoiding performance disruption from ailing employees, suffering from effects of tobacco usage. In addition, the managers within the organization can have a clearly defined process of dealing with tobacco usage in the workplace (ACT Government). Ultimately, adopting this policy conforms with the International Labor Organization (ILO) mandate of promoting a safe and health working environment for all businesses (ILO, 2016).

Impacts on the Society

A smoke-free working environment can also have numerous benefits to the society. This is through the attainment of healthy working population, capable of fostering economic development in the society. This is advanced by the fact that prolonged tobacco usage can cause critical diseases such as lung cancer and liver cirrhosis among others. Consequently, this could turn into a burden for the society, in terms of the cost of attaining proper medical services to the affected persons.


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