Ignite-Style Expertise Speech Example on the French Horn

Published: 2019-09-11
Ignite-Style Expertise Speech Example on the French Horn
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The French horn, as it is commonly known, originated from Europe. It is a coiled, bras musical instrument, derived from the French hunting horn, which has rotary valves. It is commonly used by players in professional orchestras and bands. It belongs to the same family of Alton horns, Posthorn, Natural horn, etc. The person who plays the French horn is known as a horn player (Scott 564-565).

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Am passionate about this instrument simply because of its uniqueness operation. The player controls the penetration speed of the air into the instrument. How? Well then let me explain. This air that passes into the instrument comes from the lungs and the diaphragm of the player hence giving the humble player time to control the smooth and the amount of air passing through. Also, the lips help in the regulation of air passage in conjunction with the lip valve of the instrument. This helps in the creation of different pitch and sounds. The fingers also help in the air regulation. What a wonderful instrument thats controlled by the parts of the body hence being more efficient to play in any event (Morley-Pegge 97).

The instrument is easy to learn. Its generally about how good are you at dovetailing? Its all about blowing air and regulating it with your hand, lips and lungs. It does not need special equipment to put on so that you can play it. It's light to carry and rust free hence no repair expenses incurred. It is the easiest instrument to maintain since it only requires wiping off of the traces of saliva that might have passed while playing it. Also, it's attractive to the eye hence captures the audience attention very fast during a performance.

One of the attributes of the French horn is the great presence of all around characterized resonances up to the 22nd or past, playable up to in any event the sixteenth harmonics, contrasted with around nine playable reverberations for the trumpet and trombone (Morley-Pegge 97). Playing with the hand somewhat in the bell is also unique; it increases the acoustic mass of the air column and lowers the resonance. Backus comments that it helps with control of the tone quality and intonation. It also allows the instrument to produce resonant peaks out to about 1500Hz, compared to about 750Hz without hand closure.

French horns can hit the higher harmonies than most of its family members. This is because of the uniqueness of the operation of the instrument. The delicate palate, of taste, the tongue, the lips, the hand, the lungs and the diaphragm all work in agreement to accomplish this one of a kind attribute. Most of the brass instruments, when hitting the highest note it will sound like an off pitch error because of their shallow make and air circulation.

This French horn comes in different types giving the player the chance to play a type of their preference. Theres the single horn, which has only one single tube connected to the valve. This is easier to use since one will focus only on the single tube. Secondly, theres the double horn which has two tubes connected to the valve. Thirdly, the triple horn which has three tubes connected to the valve. This is the best horn since it can produce the highest pitch ever.

The passion that I had in playing this instrument has made me perform on different occasions both at school and outside school. I have played the French horn during the basketball finals at our school, during the baseball tournament, during the football friendly match in our neighboring school, during the freshman orientation day and parents day. Out of school, I have played in a French horn playing competition, in my sisters wedding, during the Christmas eve, in church, and I have played it for my mummy on happy mothers day.

I have won a medal as the best French horn player during the French horn playing competition. I have been recognized by the principal, teachers and students at large for having the passion of playing the French horn and playing it on different occasions using different styles.

My mentors who led me to the path of being successful in my playing tactics are as follows: Southern Methodist University Meadows School of the Arts- Dallas, TX. It is one of the leading educator careers in French horn performance. Eastern School of Music. It is the second best led by Kurau. He has taught many of the finest young French horn performers. For example J. Greg Miller, who is noticeable in classical music. University of Cincinnati College- Conservatory of music- Cincinnati (Scott 564-565).

Out of the college, the following are my mentors: Radek Baborak. He is the former principal of Horn Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Munich Phil. Orch, Czech Phil. Orch. Winner of the ARD (May 144-145).

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