HRM Essay Example: Benefit Packages, Safety and Health Concerns

Published: 2022-09-08
HRM Essay Example: Benefit Packages, Safety and Health Concerns
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Part 1: Benefit Packages

There are myriad of benefit packages that suit the managers of a supply chain. Compensation packages range from the monthly remunerations to the incentives given to employees for performance improvement. First, it is a legal requirement that firms compensate their employees for the overtime work (Pang & Lu, 2018). However, the rates of benefit may differ from one firm to another. As for our organization which provides a benefit rate of 150% besides the normal rates, it is likely that the supply chain manager will be motivated to work extra hours to gain the benefit. Subsequently, a supply chain manager could be provided with health insurance which is a requirement by the employment law to ensure that the employees are offered health incentives. As such, the benefits packages will not only adhere to the statutory regulations but also, motivate the supply chain manager to perform even better.

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As for our case, the supply chain manager is mandated with the duty to coordinate activities within the various stages of the supply chain. That is, he or she may be required to move from the point of collecting raw materials, to the manufacturing industries and eventually the retailers. As such, offering the employee with the transportation and accommodation allowances will to positively impact the supply chain manager's performance. The provision of allowances besides the monthly remunerations that enable employees to easily execute their tasks portrays a higher possibility of improving the employee productivity (Pang & Lu, 2018). Therefore, the firm should compensate for the supply chain manager appropriately using the transport and accommodation allowances while he or she travels from one point to another.

Furthermore, making an employee rely on his or her salary is detrimental to their ability to achieve improved performance and align the employee performance to the organizational goals. While compensating employees appropriately using the proper benefit plans ensures that their performance improves. In a study that evaluated the impact of non-financial rewards on employees, the results postulate that transport and accommodation allowance ensures that employees are not limited to one location. Subsequently, the benefits packages offer them job autonomy that subsequently improves the employee performance (Zumerchik, Rodrigue, & Lanigan, 2012). For any organization that seeks to impact employee performance, benefits packages for supply chain managers should encompass transport and accommodation allowances for effective management and supervision of activities along the supply chain.

The provision of benefit packages accrues various improvements to an organization. For instance, the monthly compensation package is at an average which makes other firms that offer higher rates more competitive. However, the benefits packages such as transport and accommodation allowance offset the average wage given to the supply chain manager (Zumerchiket al., 2012). In this case, after evaluating offset factors of the average salary, the supply chain manager will be motivated to improve his performance which eventually impacts the overall organizational performance. Therefore, while integrating a benefits package, it is important to understand how the benefit package fits the existing compensation package.

Part 2: Safety and Health Concerns in Human Resources Management

The case filed by Yang against ActionNet was due to the wrongful termination of his employment rather than a safety and health case which made it a civil case. The federal agency takes charge of workplace exploitation of employees. Mr. Yang versus ACtionNet case would have become a federal case under OSHA's charge if Mr. Yang had experienced any health-related harm at the workplace due to the firm's inability to adhere to safety and health considerations. Subsequently, if the harm had been inflicted by the organization rather than the personal differences between Yang and Tymony, the case would have then been made a federal case under OSHA regulations.

Mostly, the companies are charged with health-related charges in case they are liable for harm occurring to the employees due to the fault of the machinery or the cause other workplace-related instruments. As for ActionNet, they would not have upheld their OSHA responsibilities since harm is inflicted by Tymony. In this case, the firm would have denied taking responsibilities for harm inflicted on Yang due to his differences with Tymony. The OSHA regulations require a firm to enact safety measures that keep employees safe from any harm that may be caused by machinery and not any harm that occurs to employees which are inflicted by colleagues.

After the federal investigation, Mr. Yang was found to be a "complete victim," and after that, ActionNet did not take any action. In case OSHA investigators led the case, the firm would have been charged with violent actions against an innocent employee. Although the case found no harm caused to Yang, the fact that he was subjected to violence by Tymony and ActionNet proceeded to fire him proved that the organization had not implemented safety measures that would protect employees against violence. Yang was a victim of violence; and hence, the firm would have been liable for contributing to violence at the workplace for failure to establish safety measures.

According to the case study, it is possible that stress might lead to Tymony's intolerable conduct. Stress might have emanated from the organization's denial and failure to implement measures that reduce conflicts between employees. At first, the firm put the two employees in cubicles that were nearby. Subsequently, the fact that ActionNet leaders did not take any action when Tymony complained about Yang's behavior shows that the firm contributed to the stress that led to Tymony's behavior.

There are myriad causes of workplace violence such as denial that violence between employees might occur, stress, and lack of employee assistance programs. In this case study, the firm fails to heed the requirements of Tymony about being given a cubicle that was not near Yang's. Further, the leaders should have begun employee assistance program to find a resolution for differences between Yang and Tymony. Both Tymony and Yang experienced stress while working with one another which led to the eruption of the differences and violence.

There are various signs that workplace violence might occur such as shouting, complaints, and violence behavior among other factors. In the case presented, Tymony begun showing his irritation when he fisted the cubicle after the meeting. Besides presenting his complaints verbally to the members of the meeting, Tymony portrayed the possibility of engaging in physical violence through the fisting of the cubicle. Also, Tymony cursed a lot about Yang's behavior. ActionNet should have relied on the subtle signs of violence and taken the necessary actions to prevent the possibility of workplace violence.


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