Coca-Cola Company Employees Motivation - HRM Essay Sample

Published: 2022-04-08
Coca-Cola Company Employees Motivation - HRM Essay Sample
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Coca-Cola system comprises of more than 700 000 associates. The company benefits from a wide variety of unique ideas and capabilities that the associates bring to work to assist it in achieving its objectives outlined in its vision 2020. The associates work as ambassadors of the company in their respective communities to market the company's brand. The company is therefore tasked with the responsibility of ensuring its employees are healthy, happy, respected and treated fairly. The company must create a free and diverse working environment to represent their wide market. Diversity will inspire its employee to put more effort and achieve superior results. The company has in place very commendable le practices that provide for employee motivation to reach their standards and instil a feeling of importance to the company. The measures include energising environment, training and mentoring, and free communication.

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Training and mentoring

The company focuses on providing its employees with the opportunity to improve their skills, and it also offers additional training to enable them to achieve even more. It also supports several development programs and workshops just to ensure the employees feel motivated to work. The company consistent peak performance continue to offer the reason for rewarding employees. Coca-Cola Company supports development forums which creates a conducive environment for teaching its employees. The company allowing for functional development gives the employees opportunity to improve on job skills in their areas of specialisation. The company also has the Coca-Cola University in place which provides online teaching platform for its employees. The company also offers rotational programs by giving short-term assignments that enable employees to work in different fields and different environments. The programs help to eliminate boredom.

Financial rewarding

The company's remuneration and other compensation packages rank among the best worldwide. It, therefore, means the company offers attractive financial rewards to keep its employees motivated. The compensation program is very competitive. The company conducts annual performance reviews of its employees, and the results are used as the basis for merit raises. The company recognises exemplary performance by rewarding the employees with merchandise and travel cards through the Coca-Cola Red Tag initiative. The employees also benefit from car discounts, free parking and scholarship programs for their children.

Energizing environment

The company also avails an energising environment for the workers to keep the motivated daily. In every work site, the company strive to develop cafeterias, dry cleaning services, and also vast space for parking. Different places have different varying perks like the headquarters in the UK provides free fruits and drinks and even special recreation programs during summer (Pansari, & Kumar, 2017).


Even though the Coca-Cola Company has done a tremendous job in motivating its employees, there still exist some drawbacks. Due to the large size of the company the company is not doing enough to give customers one on one attention which is a detrimental factor to its motivation efforts (Odukah, 2016). The company carries out annual performance review, but it is more departmental than individual performance. The companies also have goals for its success but not defined goals for individual employees. The employees even though receive monetary rewards have no personal career goals apart from improving their skills to maintain the company's performance.


In addition to the company's Maslow theory of motivation, it should also incorporate the Aldermen's ERG theory. The company should consider the three essential elements that are the existence need, the relatedness need, and the growth needs (Sharma, Pandey, & Pandey, 2017). The company should provide programs that create a physiological desire effect on its employees to meet the existence need such as material stability if individual employees. The employee should also have a sense of security in their positions. The company should also provide for cultural awareness forums and include innovation programs to reach the younger generation.


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