Free Paper Sample: Design Concept, Inspiration, Ideas and Design

Published: 2022-08-26
Free Paper Sample: Design Concept, Inspiration, Ideas and Design
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This report discusses the design concept, inspiration, ideas, and design of new currencies (notes and coins), swipe card, and motion poster of the emerged oceanic nation which is the group of people who regrouped and moved to the seas and oceans for newer opportunities. This oceanic nation emerged as a result of people who regrouped after being fragmented by the impacts of climatic change such as global warming and melting of glaciers and ice caps. These oceanic nations are characterised by civil unrest, the black market, and insurgency. However, these oceanic nations have developed their new currencies, swipe cards for critical services and transport due to the unrest, and motion posters for advertising their heritage sites and tourism. The insurgency sees all these efforts as propaganda and therefore the design of the currencies, swipe cards for transport and other services, and motion poster which to keep the identity of these nations intact is important.

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Design Concept, Inspiration, Ideas and Design

i). Currencies (notes and coins)

The currency design is for the 5 (coin), 10 (coin), 100 (note), 5000 (card). The currency to be designed is meant to celebrate the heritage and indicate their aspirations for the future.

Designing of any currency whether from the scratch or partial modification is a challenging task due numerous aspects that require being addressed (Smashing Magazine, 2018). The first design concept for notes and coins to be used by the oceanic nation is the accessibility. Accessibility means that the currency should be easily understood by the user in terms of pictorial presentation while making it unique to avoid forgery. Therefore, regardless of the interaction and style, the content printed on the currency should be perceived and interacted. The colour of the note will be green indicating a growing and brave nation and I will design vegetation in the background to represent to represent renewable resources since seas and oceans are sources of renewable sources. The colour of the coins will vary depending on the denomination but the colour will be the same, silver, demonstrating the shining nature of the country now and in future.

Secondly, the design of the currency will take the size of a normal note such as those used in Europe and America. In other words, it will be a pocket-size note. Size will be an important aspect of the note currency and therefore a standard size that will facilitate carriage of more notes using a wallet or pocked.

Thirdly, notes will be multi-coloured and will include a lot of pictures which will make unique and attractive. Additionally, this will demonstrate the cultural diversity of the people as well as their attractive values. Pictures to be printed on both coins and notes will represent the oceanic or sea environment such as ship, island, and fish among others. No human portrait will be added to the note. This will eliminate possible biases in the usage of the notes and coins.

Finally, the format of the notes will be vertical rather than being horizontal like many notes across the globe are. This will add to the uniqueness of the notes compared with others. Further, the motive behind this format is that, more often, people tend to hold notes vertically and it will make it easier when using payment terminals.

ii). C-MIST swipe card

The C-MIST swipe card will enable the oceanic community to access to community and motion poster will facilitate subsea settlement and advertise tourism and heritage sites.

Security and convenience are the two main sources of motivation for using swipe cards. The cards to be designed will be made from the plastic which is the universally acceptable material for swipe cards. Further, plastic is a lighter material compared with metals because the cards are to be carried in people's pocket making it portable and easier to maintain.

Moving on, pictures, graphics, and text to be printed on the card should be visible and readable. Pictures and graphics printed will symbolize the natural beauty of the ocean showing the sunset and the blue colour of the ocean which is more attractive and beautiful. The card should be made from a light material but durable because there are renewed annually making it durable to cut across the whole year.

iii). Motion poster

Simplicity and brightness- motion posters will be designed with a lot of simplicity but with adequate brightness to attract. Mostly, pictures of beautiful young girls will be used being surrounded by flowers to show beauty and love within the people. Flat design will be applied for the posters demonstrating the modernity of the nation and its people.

The design of the cover will contain vegetables and fruits which will be much attractive while informing people that oceanic nation is the place of plenty and natural beauty. In addition, motion posters should include images of the core animals, vegetation, and rough ideas of the tourist sites which the tourists should expect.


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