How to Win Friends & Influence People - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-07-29
How to Win Friends & Influence People - Essay Sample
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The book How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie has played a significant role in the provision of invaluable lessons to people since its publication. Carnegie provides insights that have various principles that teach the readers how to interact with other people, even in situations where they cannot meet face to face due to certain unavoidable reasons. Implementation of Dale Carnegie's principals helps show an interest in people, leading with sufficient care and ensuring an excellent connection with people in times of the isolation due to the Covid-19 disease that has made it impossible for people to go out and make an impact in the outside world.

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The first principle that I have learned from Carnegie is to be a good listener because people always appreciate and value the time that is offered to them regardless of the distance that separates them. Giving a listening ear to the people in self-isolation will play a major role in changing their perceptions about being locked alone with no person to talk with. It will also help them have effective communications that will reduce their boredom while in self-solation. This principle by Carnegie has taught me that people value a lot the time that you spare to listen to them. I do not mind listening to people talk for hours either in a face to face conversation or through other means of communication such as phones. I have incorporated this principle in my life over the years, and it has helped me develop excellent listening skills that will be important in times like this when people cannot go out and interact with others.

Carnegie's principles are insightful and thought-provoking as they help to change the way many people behave. Using honest appreciations and praise instead of criticizing people will play a major role in changing the behaviors of people towards those in isolation as suspects of the Covid-19 disease. While in isolation, Carnegie's principles will help in giving sincere and honest appreciation for the people who care for those in isolation. Carnegie explains that it is important that people develop a trend of showing gratitude anytime they receive any help.

Currently, communities all over the world are adopting Carnegie's principles in their efforts to deal with the Covid-19. Digital means of communication will be effective in the current times as people get locked down and isolated in their homes to prevent the spread of the disease. The digital communication means will help in communications with friends who are isolated in various places away from people. Using Carnegie's concepts, I will use digital media such as video calls and social media to make those in self-isolation feel important and realize that them being in that condition is not the end of life. As we talk with the person in self-isolation, I will show respect for their opinions and never say that they are wrong in the decisions they make or when airing their views or concerns.

Another principle that will help me in remotely leading with care is to call for attention to the mistakes of people indirectly. Most people are ineffective in the critiquing of others, which makes the people in isolation due to the disease to feel bad about their state. The concepts taught by Carnegie have helped me realize that I should talk about my own mistakes before making any criticism of the other people. No one loves to be lectured for a mistake they did, which is why Carnegie developed the principle of letting people ask questions rather than giving direct orders.

In times when the worldwide pandemic is threatening humanity, I have learned that naturally, people do not like taking orders. Asking the people in self-quarantine to do something rather than commanding them is more effective because they have a choice to either perform that activity or leave it alone. The best way to choose an effective option is to use an alternative to telling someone that they should not do a certain thing. This move will allow the people in self-isolation to have a feeling of having helped create a solution to reduce the effects and spread of the disease in the world.

Another Carnegie principle that has helped guide my care for the people in isolation at this period of the Covid-19 is that over the years, I have learned to praise every bit of improvement I notice in an individual. Encouraging the victims will help them feel comfortable speaking out their problems and how they can reduce the chances of infecting the people they love with the disease. The principle has enabled me to give the people in isolation a reputation that they can easily live up to after their quarantine is over, and they emerge as negative from the disease. This principle will also help to create a positive connection at this time when the people in isolation feel lonely and are secluded from other people for safety and a reduction of chances of spreading the disease.

I will be able to get the people in isolation to give their points of view freely. The Carnegie principle that will play a major role at this stage is people seeing things from a different angle from that which is displayed by other people. Another principle is to ensure that I remember the names of the people in self-isolation and the little things that matter to them. Remembering the little things that you discuss with people in isolation will help to create trust and a feeling of being valued, especially when I remember their names. Remembering any names of various individuals is the sweetest thing, and the most important way to show them how important they are regardless of their health states.

Another principle that Carnegie taught is to be sympathetic to the ideas and desires of the people in self-isolation because they need someone to talk to so that they can feel better in the hard times they are facing. Try to dramatize the ideas and where wrong, learn to admit very quickly while trying to honestly see things from the people in isolation, and how one would behave if they were in the same place.


Nobody is allowed to go out and make effective impacts in the world, especially in times of the Corona-19. The main idea of these Carnegie principles is to help people interact with others. The main idea of this principle is that you can create an effective change in the behaviors of the people around them. The main idea of interacting in different ways that are in similar situations is because people become more likable persons in society. The principles make it possible for an easy understanding of the individuals and how relationships can be improved while influencing behaviors through excellent leadership skills.

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