Cooking Essay Example: How to Prepare Baby Back Short Ribs

Published: 2019-05-29
Cooking Essay Example: How to Prepare Baby Back Short Ribs
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As a retired Mess Specialist in the Old school and a Culinary Mess Specialist in the New Navy, I have prepared many meals for the Armed Forces. During my tenure, I have had the firsthand experience of experiencing the reactions of the soldiers to various meals. Their reactions have helped me improve my service as professional chef. One of the most popular meals in the Armed forces is Ribs. They are often requested in the menu and one has to prepare enough to cater for their huge demands. Ribs can be prepared in different ways causing variances in the quality and taste of the ribs. Baby Back Short Ribs are some of the favorite pieces to many people and are often ordered in both the military and civilian settings. This essay will review how to prepare Baby Back Short Ribs.

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You will need four slabs of pork back short ribs, the amount will be added significantly depending on the number of people being served. Three tablespoons Kosher salt, three tablespoons of granulated sugar or brown sugar depending on the availability and two tablespoons of fresh ground course black pepper. You will also need two tablespoons granulated garlic powder, two tablespoons onion powder and two tablespoons of seasoning salt. One will also have to prepare marinade with the following ingredients; one bunch of fresh thyme, fresh oregano, four bulbs of garlic, two sweet onions, a bottle of red wine and two cups of extra-vine olive oil.


Wash and chop the vegetables and put them in a bowl; ensure that the thyme, parsley and oregano mix well in the bowl. Add seasoning salt and two teaspoons of onion powder, granulated onion powder and garlic powder into the mixture. Wash and prepare the ribs in salted water to get rid of any impurities and odors on the meat. Rub the seasoning salt on all sides of the ribs to ensure that it is uniformly applied in all parts. Cut the onions into small pieces and the garlic bulbs into two parts. Place the slabs of the meat over the onions and ensure that the bone side faces down. Rub the remaining pieces of garlic on the ribs, place the remaining onions on top of the ribs, and sprinkle them with the red wine of your choice. Repeat the process with the remaining two ribs to make a second layer of the ribs.

After this, ones need to marinate the ribs for at least twenty-four hours in the refrigerator. One should later prepare the grill and ensure that the grill temperatures are not too hot to burn the meat. Place the pieces of meat on the grill for thirty minutes and ensure it does not overcook. Alternate the ribs to ensure that they burn uniformly and do not overcook. These alternations will also allow one to control the tenderness of the meat. Add your most preferred sauce and grill the ribs for an additional ten minutes. Ensure that the sauce is uniformly spread on the meat and keep turning the ribs to ensure that they cook uniformly. When you are convinced that the ribs are ready, take them from the grill, place them on a chopping board, and let them cool for fifteen minutes. Chop the ribs into four parts and serve them warm.

There are many ways of making rib barbeques and one can try out different ways to ensure he has the best ribs. This recipe helped me as I served in the military and has also helped in with the civilian life. Grilling ribs is an art and requires a combination of talent and expertise to produce the best quality ribs.


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