How to Force Inspiration for Writing - Student's Experience Essay Sample

Published: 2017-07-11
How to Force Inspiration for Writing - Student's Experience Essay Sample
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The two senses of hearing and sight aide the lack of inspiration I deal with on any given day. As a journalism student, I am given nothing but reading and writing assignments. I quickly learned that I recycle through three specific actions to write with focus and at my best. Conversing with another writer, listening to music, and choosing my direct environment is essential.

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My significant other is not only a writer as well, but a creative writer which leads to ideas flowing from a logical to an illogical realm. I find myself dealing with writer`s block but having one conversation with him demolishes whatever lack of inspiration I may have. His mind is like Disney World to me, a magical and happy place. We are both avid comic book readers and often are exposed to wild ideas and between the two of us, there is always some inspiration to conjure up.

One thing I truly cannot live without is music. The sheer mood-changing power of melodies and tones, to undeniably genius lyrics, music penetrates into anyone`s body and soul. Any topic of discussion can be found in music; whether it`s the genre, the artist`s voice, the tempo, or the instruments. A certain type of music such as lo-fi always comforts my mind for writing things of emotional value to me. Music of the genre of punk inspires me to think about culture, politics, and empowerment. Whatever kind of inspiration I need, I find through music. Often times I have music playing while I shower, get ready or unready for the day, on long drives, or simply lounging in my room. The consistency of having music in my life has made it of great importance and mind-altering thoughts or memories to write.

I`ve noticed that over the years, aesthetics of my surroundings do have an influence on my overall comfort and focusing capabilities. My university and neighborhood have gorgeous and enormous trees with plenty of seating areas. Fresh air not only has a calming effect but the sounds of nature or life outdoors do not distract me whatsoever. Although it is very hot in Texas, there is something to entrancing about being writing outside when the sun rises or sets. I spend so much time indoors that simply being outside is like a getaway. On the other hand, some days I prefer complete and utter silence. When I am anxious and feel the need to accomplish something immediately with great focus, I go to a library and find a secluded corner and just escape in my own world. There is comfort in silence and going to a place where that is respected is or great necessity to me. I cannot write in the confines of my own home. Home has always been a place of laziness and distractions, I always find that inspiration is hard to come by while watching television or accidentally taking a nap on my bed. Organization and separation of work and home are crucial.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to force inspiration to write, upon me. I wish it was as easy as that but it is not. From living life and writing for years, I have noticed that my mind is comfortable and at-ease in certain places or with certain people or while listening to my playlists. The trick is to be relaxed and surround myself with vibes that do not clash with how I am feeling at that moment.

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