Free Essay Answering Whether Technology Kills or Creates Creativity

Published: 2022-05-24
Free Essay Answering Whether Technology Kills or Creates Creativity
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Creativity is the ability of a person to come up with useful ideas, which later generate innovativeness or the execution of such ideas. Opinions differ regarding whether technology creates or kill creativity. Technology creates creativity to some extent, while it also affects the ability of people, especial children to be creative. The young generation is the most affected with technology; therefore, technology can be seen as killing the creativity.

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In support of technology as a creativity enhancement platform, it is clear that digital revolution has evidently led to a generation of a large number of innovative platforms, products, and services. Technology has produced effective entrepreneurial activities that led to the evolvement of multibillion-dollar companies, which have changed life in the world. The relationship between technology and creativity today is evident in our institutions, companies, and other small businesses. Away from obvious examples like Uber, Google, Whatsapp, Airbnb, Facebook, Spotify, et cetera, there is an explosion of creative activities in the space of technology (Chamorro-Premuzic, 1). Many businesses can utilize the existing platforms of technology to be creative and innovative to improve their production. Data analyses, marketing, advertisements, sales, project management, and human resource management among others are today made easy through technology. Today, there are over three million application programs, and YouTube receives more than 300 hours video uploads every minute.

Contrary to the opinion above, it would be naive to indicate that the mentioned activities are indicative of increasing creativity, even if they ultimately lead to quality. They are only innovations or idea implementations that develop from already existing creativities, concepts or ideas. Also, the evolvement of technology has led to trivial, counterfeit, and forgettable contents. The people could generate contents that stayed in the minds of the authors and were even worthy, but today thoughts that are not worthy creations are easily broadcasted.

Technology is killing content. Many young people are often on the phone or internet today, concentrating a lot on social media rather than in doing meaningful research. Most of them concentrate on following rumors and continents that do not add any value to human creativity. People sometimes share unnecessary contents, most of which include photos, funny clips, and feelings, which consume a lot of their time. The Guardian says that social networks have, in fact, done more harm in killing creativity. The use of emoji in the place of words, and the proliferation of pre-written automated functions to express our views, for instance, like, dislike, love, share, all promote efficient but lazy behavior (Chamorro-Premuzic, 1).

The web today has a lot of templates, which kills design creativity. Therefore, to a certain extent, for the minds that are not open to imagination, then technology kills creativity. It is a battle of man vs. machine that must be overcome. Also, a study shows that there is a fall in creativity scores in classrooms regardless of increased intelligence scores since the 1990s (Smith 1). The Newsweek reported that a lot of time that children take in front of televisions, PlayStations, and phones has contributed greatly to the matter.

After the two views, it is important to note that technology is here to stay. Its advancement is, in fact, ongoing every day. It is, therefore, important to balance the use of technology and the necessary information from it. The brains need to get trained to use technology responsibly so as to know what to filter out and what to consume. This approach will nurture the right direction to consider for creativity.

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