Essay Example on How Social Media Affects Teenagers

Published: 2019-08-15
Essay Example on How Social Media Affects Teenagers
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It is in vogue to accuse the media of everything that troubles society today. Is media truly so malevolent? Media today impacts young people. Be it TV, PCs, computer games, long range informal communication destinations it enormously affects all parts of a teenager's life. Be that as it may, all is not awful with the media. On the off chance that utilized right, media can change lives for good. This essay intends to give both the positive and negative impacts of social media on teens.

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Positive Impacts of social media (Healey, 50-86)

Develop Awareness

Most high schoolers carry on with a shielded life. Be that as it may, with a presentation to different media outlets, they can create mindfulness about society and the world. This social and political mindfulness is imperative on the off chance that we need to prepare an era of socially capable residents. With news channels, magazines, person to person communication destinations blasting about world happenings, adolescents can understand that there is something else entirely to the world than exactly what is going on in the 'hood.

Create Social Skills

The majority of adolescents are socially ungainly. Media allows them for prepping their social aptitudes. It likewise allows them to extend their group of friends and grow new companionships. Different advantages incorporate social certainty, uplifted education in the media, and more social backing. Online networking broadens your high schooler's social abilities, which this way offers him some assistance with navigating efficiently through cutting-edge society.

Motivate them

At the point when your adolescent watches an activity flick, don't simply give up about the viciousness. With a little direction, they can utilize the film as motivation! Perhaps your high schooler will choose to take up a hand to hand fighting preparing, all on account of a Bruce Lee motion picture! Young people admire VIPs, and when a superstar instructs them to stay off medications, they very well might tune in.

Develop Reading And Writing Skills:

At the point when a superstar discusses her most loved book, your young person may be enticed to snatch a book as well. Not only that, if your young person needs to be a piece of sites, visit rooms, and so forth., she'll have to enhance her perusing and composing abilities. Be that as it may, these advantages can't sugar-coat the negatives that accompany media. There is some truth in what individuals say today.

Negative impacts of social media (Brown, Jane Jeanne & Kim, 112-120)

Misshaped Body Image

The world is loaded with flawless individuals today. With immaculate skin, body, and hair that is the thing that it seems like to the youthful today. Because of Photoshop, the standard of magnificence has ended up challenging to accomplish. Furthermore, these pictures are all over the place. This has prompted twisted self-perception among various young people. Anorexia and bulimia is a drop out of this self-perception emergency. Furthermore, this is not restricted just to the young ladies. Indeed, even young men are made to feel "less" masculine unless they fit the picture advanced by media.

Making Vehemence Normal

The measure of viciousness in computer games and motion pictures today is alarming. Also, young people spend a few hours consistently viewing these scenes of blood. Brutality turns into their existence. Numerous adolescents can't recognize reality and dream. This makes viciousness "ordinary" for them. The quantity of school shootings in the USA means that this very reality.

Unsafe Sexual Behavior:

Young people are simply finding their sexuality. It is extremely ordinary for them to be occupied with everything sexual. Be that as it may, the measure of sex in media today can make a young person befuddled in that sex without obligation that is by all accounts the message being channeled at youngsters. This can prompt reckless sexual conduct and undesirable pregnancies.

In conclusion, the social media can either generate a positive or a negative impact to a child. What matters is the fact that whenever a child is subjected to a social media, he or she should be under surveillance in making sure that whatever they are doing is in accordance to their age.

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