A Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury, Essay Example

Published: 2022-02-21
A Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury, Essay Example
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'A sound of thunder' by Ray Bradbury is a science fiction tale that explained about a man who was called Eckels. Eckels could get a lease a time travel firm industry which would take him on a hare coursing voyage in the period of the dinosaurs. The theme of this story is that little things might make a very big change. This tale enables the reader to remember the concept of the "Butterfly Effect."

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The idea of the butterfly outcome states that a minor occasion can have huge consequences that were not expected. The author wants the reader to know that assume the small things in life because they can make a big impact on your life. In the story "Sound of Thunder," Eckels was given caution that he should never step off the trail because they could see only pursuit animals which are near to be murdered if fauna runs its way. This shows that if Eckels stepped off the special path that had been constructed, then the entire path of the future could be affected. Eckels was not careful enough because he stepped off the path by mistake and murdered a butterfly. This mistake of stepping off the path and killing a butterfly has huge consequences when Eckels returns to the present. Some of the repercussions are that the history was altered and a dictator like Hitler was chosen as the president.

While boarding the time travel machine, Travis who was the safari guide gave Eckels specific instructions and told him that even if he killed one mouse in the past, many offspring of the mice generation would be eliminated. Travis explains that the affected mice would have been fed to the foxes, but because they absent because of the execution of one mouse, the foxes would starve to death, and the many offspring of the foxes would be eliminated in the future. The foxes would have fed the lions, and without them, the lions would starve to death, and many generations of the lions will have been affected. This chain would have continued in so many ways because even the human beings would be affected and most of them would be eliminated, and the future could be changed in so many ways that cannot be counted. If Eckels will not follow the given instructions and the specific path that he was told about, then many things were going to change, and nobody could guess about what was going to happen because of the butterfly effect.

When they were walking down the path, Eckel was careless, and he did not mind about the idea of the butterfly effect. Eckel enjoyed to point his gun at random things, and when they arrived at T-Rex, he got nervous because there were roars which came from the jungle which sounded like thunder. When Eckel saw the dinosaur, he runs back to the travel machine, and when he was doing so, he trod off the path and murdered a butterfly. When they went back to the present, Travis told Eckel that he would shoot him if he realizes that anything will have changed because of his recklessness. When they arrived, they realized that the name of the company where Travis used to work had been spelt differently, and also Deutscher the dictator had won elections and not Keith. Travis points his gun to Eckel, and a sound of thunder is heard as he kills him.


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