Free Essay Sample: The Standards of Professionalism

Published: 2023-05-22
Free Essay Sample: The Standards of Professionalism
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What is your personal relationship with the standards of professionalism discussed in this article?

The standards of professionalism presented in the article attracted my attention because I have observed in various organizations I visit where several issues such as collaborations, recruitment, and creating promotion tracks are focused. In such organizations, some leaders have advocated for staff professionalization, which sometimes confuses most of the staff members who do not understand the meaning of professionalism in the workplace. In organizations, there is the presence of a tension-filled workplace, which is caused by several years of opposing forces at work. I express my sincere empathy on the ongoing effects of biased professionalism, which is systemic racism, which affects the intentions of individuals to operate or work wherever and whenever possible following their careers.

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How have you seen these standards of professionalism play out in your workplace? How have you contributed?

The explanation of biased professional drew me into the article as through what I have observed in the workplace, there is a problem with professionalism, and I have for long hoped for deconstruction in organizations in terms of both racial bias and its impacts on the mental health of implementors of professional behaviors who try to display professional conduct to get employment. The article made me look at how the notion of white supremacy or biased professionalism expresses itself at the organizational level or individual level. The challenge is because, throughout the millennia, human groups and clans in various institutions have endured, thrived, or functioned in no small part via the cohesion which comes because of customs, shared norms, standards, and values that form the fabric of the entire groups as a whole; this makes biased professionalism an action that has to be eliminated with immediate effect to ensure equality and diversity in the workplace.

What are some ways you have seen others challenge professionalism standards at an organizational or individual level?

In various organizations I have interacted with, there are several ways through which individuals utilize to challenge the notion of biased professionalism standards. Some leaders call for change, and sometimes employees of minority groups advocate for change. According to Gray (2019), changing professionalism means creating an equitable and fair workplace through appreciating and accepting the employee's diversity in experiences, knowledge, and culture by employers.

Who might be an ally in changing your workplace culture? Is there additional funding that can support creating a committee in your organization to undertake this emotional and difficult work?

Workplace culture can be changed with assistance from various allies who can assist in advocating for the formation of committees and fund them to undertake the changes. One of the allies is Anti Oppression Resource and Training Alliance who can offer inspirations to change a culture of professional standards in the workplace.


Gray, A. (2019). The Bias of Professionalism Standards. Stanford Social Innovation Review

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