Essay Sample on The Utilization and Hazards of Cytotoxic Drugs

Published: 2023-03-04
Essay Sample on The Utilization and Hazards of Cytotoxic Drugs
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In the medical field, it is more important to understand the need for the training of healthcare workers on both treatments and the handling of drugs. It is merely based on the fact that some drugs are more dangerous when handled inappropriately. In this essay, there is an examination of the uses and handles of cytotoxic drugs in hospitals, commercial cytotoxic manufacturers, pharmacies, research laboratories, veterinary clinics, ambulances, and many other workplaces such as mortuaries. It further studies the functions of drugs in healthcare institutions in society. Concerning this, it is required for the provision of the description of the people who are more likely to be affected by the wrong handle of the drugs. Thus, it provides the basis for which the side effects of cytotoxic drugs on the health of individuals.

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Despite the fact that cytotoxic drugs are known for being harmful, it is necessary for recognizing their contribution to the treatment of cancer. The cytotoxic is commonly known for the treatment of cancer due to its attribute of being harmful to the cells (Corbo et al., 2016). It is a result of the adverse implication that cytotoxic drugs cause the reproduction system of the cells in the body. It is through the damaging of the cells that cancer cells are destroyed completely in the human body. It is, however, worth understanding that cytotoxic drugs are not used for cancer treatment, but still, it is used for the treatment of illnesses such as psoriasis, sclerosis, systemic lupus erythematosus, and so on (Diamantis et al., 2016). Therefore, it implies that cytotoxic drugs are widely used in the medical setting for various purposes. On another hand, there are multiple ways in which one can be adversely affected by exposure to the drugs' wastes. It is further prescribed for patients mainly into three types, namely: Cyclophosphamide, Azathioprine, and as well as Methotrexate pills (Corbo et al., 2016). It reflects a wide range of use in healthcare institutions, hence increasing the chance of being ineffectively disposed of or exposed to individuals or something.

Besides, there are various medical drugs or services with precautions before use. Therefore, the side effects are not only caused by cytotoxic drugs because of the healthcare services, which cause damage to the body cells (Chu et al., 2019). For example, exposure to X-ray radiation causes human health problems like fainting, bleeding, vomiting, hair, and skin loss of the persons exposed to it. Nonetheless, this provides an in-depth exploration of the functions of cytotoxic drugs in the medical field in particular. Due to the advancement of cancer treatments, many other techniques had been discovered, and they include radiotherapy. However, cytotoxic drugs are stills preferred for the treatment of cancer diseases (Diamantis et al., 2016). It is always advisable to seek advice from doctors when prescribed medication for patients.

As previously mentioned, the drugs are used for various purposes in the medical field. In this context, there is a need for consideration of the factors such as potential side effects and benefits complemented with an understanding of the disease's severity (Corbo et al., 2016). Thus, this provides accurate information for the safe utilization of the drugs as a medication. Among the diseases treated by cytotoxic, there is a disease called arthritis, which tends to attack the human body in different forms such as psoriatic arthritis, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc (Chu et al., 2019). As started mentioning, cytotoxic drugs have adverse impacts on the human body. In healthcare institutions, the establishment of the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) has helped to reduce the effects on healthcare workers who come into contact with drugs (Diamantis et al., 2016). Concerning this, it is more crucial for the description of the individuals who are more likely to get adverse impacts on their health.

It is necessary for the incorporation of individuals who are more likely to be affected. Healthcare workers, doctors, and other medical practitioners need to be protected. However, other workers are affected, and they include laboratory researchers, mortuary workers, cytotoxic drug sale dealers, cleaning officers in hospitals, veterinary clinicians, etc (Chu et al., 2019). Concerning this, it is required for description of the reasons why the aforementioned individuals are vulnerable to the exposure of adverse impacts of cytotoxic drugs. Medical practitioners are exposed to the drugs when operating the patients or prescribing the drugs. For others, it is through exposure when disposing of the waste (Corbo et al., 2016). However, ambulance drivers are more likely to be affected when transporting them from one place to another. And for the sale and manufacturing dealers may also be affected when handling them. The compositions of the cytotoxic drug are dangerous when exposed to tissue cells. When damaging cancer cells, the composition further damages even the cells of healthy tissues in the body (Diamantis et al., 2016). Thus, this may lead to various health issues caused by the damage of the cells.

In conclusion, this essay primarily examines the adverse impacts caused by medical drugs. And it is through this conception that the effects of cytotoxic drugs are explored for understanding the best way of handling them. Moreover, there is a description of the benefits of cytotoxic medications for patients. But this needs to be coupled with the investigation of the individuals who are more likely to be affected as a result of the exposure to the drugs. Thus, this provides the basis for the exploration of the reasons why medical practitioners and other individuals who are exposed to cytotoxics are adversely affected and how they are affected. It further extends to the damages caused by the drugs on the health of these individuals.


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