Motivating Young People in Canada to Participate in Elections - Free Essay

Published: 2019-09-24
Motivating Young People in Canada to Participate in Elections - Free Essay
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How can we motivate young Canadians to vote?

There are various postulates as to why many young Canadians do not take part in the patriotism of voting. Rather than pondering on such assumptions, it is understandable that young individuals in society participate in activities that represent their interests. It is high time for political systems in Canada to reform their customary workings by adopting and implementing programs that target to involve youths in the countrys leadership. It is the only way of motivating young people to vote in all election processes. That is achievable if political parties disvalue the traditional beliefs (which identify youths as reckless individuals with no experience and competency to become effective leaders). They act as barriers to active engagement of young individuals when it comes to political leadership in Canada. These are wrong predispositions in the civilized and globalized world of today. No section of Canada's population understands the importance of transformative and innovative leadership like young people. It is a fact basing on what they are doing in the business world. The same is replicable in politics if there is enactment of laws that mandate equal representation of youths and grown-ups in leadership roles.

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Should voters be fined if they do not vote, as in Australia?

As established above, the Canadian political system needs to attract interests of young people in the voting process through enactment of equal representation laws. That is adequate to motivating young people to participate in the countrys elections. If that is so, it is inappropriate for Canada to adopt and implement laws that fine individuals who do not vote in the case of Australia. This undertaking goes against the constitutional rights of every citizen in Canada, especially in the context of voting. Each Canadian has the right to choose whether or not to vote. Since voting is a non-compulsory practice, making it so looks like going against the tenets of democracy. No Canadian is inclined to welcome such a move. There is the likelihood of experiencing high resistance in constitutionalizing laws that fine any individual who does not participate in the voting processes of Canada. More so, fining those who do not vote is something that does not motivate young people to engage in proper voting practices. There are high chances that youths will vote without an informed consent as a way of avoiding fining. In such scenarios, it is hard for young individuals to engage actively in electing effective leadership. Also, there is no way the country is going to incorporate youths plus their interests in the political system with a mandatory voting system. All these things show that it is wrong for Canada to pass laws that fine those who do not vote.

Will you vote in the next provincial or federal election? Why or why not?

I will vote not only vote in the next, but also in all provincial and federal elections. It is because; first, it is my right as a citizen living in a democratic country. Second, I have to vote as a way of promoting political systems that lead efficiently and effectively in Canada. Finally, by participating in all voting processes, I have a chance of encouraging other young people to do the same. That way, youths can elect their peers who have capacities of reforming Canadas politics. With many young individuals holding political leadership roles, there are high chances of motivating all youths to participate in voting processes. With such promising outcomes, I have to take part in the next provincial and federal elections.

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