Essay Sample on How Administrators Can Develop an Education Attainment Policy

Published: 2023-11-05
Essay Sample on How Administrators Can Develop an Education Attainment Policy
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Administrators can develop an education attainment policy by setting guidelines and standards to reach a medical practitioner to perform certain activities. This way, the individual needs to be qualified for them to have the capacity to operate as a fully registered member (Hahn & Truman, 2015). The education attainment policy will be a comprehensive school health approach that includes a broad spectrum of activities for the medical practitioners to advance their levels and gain more skills necessary for performing needed tasks.

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An example of an education attainment policy is the attainment of a certificate program, an associate degree program or a bachelor's degree to be a member of the registered nurses. After being done with the accredited education for the typical registered nurses' classes such as physiology and anatomy, the next step will be to pass in the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) that will be required for state licensing. The medical practitioners will be gaining more skills through classes in social sciences, and physical science, and also more organized clinical rotations.

Goals and Objectives

The objective of healthcare administrators, clinical medical professionals and also policy advocates is to consistently look for ways to remain competitive and ahead of new procedures and expectations in the field of healthcare. Some of the goals for developing an education attainment policy include providing excellent patient-centered care.

The policy will also be necessary to increase technology skills because of the current developments that will enable medical professionals to deliver excellent care. The education attained will be necessary for professionals to become experts. They will have the capacity to manage multiple tasks within their shifts, and the focus on being an expert will enable the nurses to move forward to areas of specialty (Dikmen et al., 2016). By gaining specific skills in mastery levels, medical professionals attain career development to make themselves more marketable and desirable.

Influencing Factors

The influencing factors in developing an education attainment policy is the need to provide patient-centered care that will increase the patient's levels of satisfaction. The organization also seeks to ensure there are sufficient medical professionals available to take care of the needs of patients within the institution (Education Support Program 2015). The organization also seeks to make it an investment for medical professionals to gain more training and advance in their careers and attain personal goals.

Barriers and Risks

Some of the barriers to developing an education attainment policy include the state of limited resources that will not cater to all medical professionals. This way, other individuals will have to wait a little longer or get the training from their hard-earned money. With changes in gender equity and reduction of gaps, there have been new and advanced strategies to provide equal opportunities to address the needs of all members (Education Support Program 2015). Many schools are still to adopt technological measures for teaching and learning materials. These will hinder the smooth development of the policy.


The first priority for the organization is to ensure positive patient experience and also satisfaction. The education attainment policy will ensure that medical professionals have gained enough experience to adapt to the evolution of medical techniques. The organization will also benefit from better-advanced research and recommendations for the delivery of patient care that is in line with the needs of patients.


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