Hotel Visit - Reflection Paper Sample

Published: 2022-05-30
Hotel Visit - Reflection Paper Sample
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During the Amsterdam field trip, we visited various places among them different hotels. These hotels had varied features and they offered varied services and experiences. Some of the hotels we visited are Sir Adam Hotels, Zoku Hotels, Company, and Hilton Amsterdam Airport. These will be discussed in different capacities in this essay.

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Sir Adam Hotels

Sir Adam Hotels opened its branch in Amsterdam in 2017. It is located at Adam Tower overlooking the city center. The hotel is among a string of Sir Adams Hotels brand with different locations in various countries. The hotel is managed by the Europe Hotels Private Collection (EHPC) which is an independent hotel management company that is based in Amsterdam. EHPC deals with the management of a collection of individually designed hotels in Europe, creating lifestyle concepts and brands. Sir Adam Hotels have locations in Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg, and Ibiza. The hotel features several brands/services. One is accommodation services. The hotel has 108 spacious rooms with vinyl players. We rented the 7th floor and were welcomed to rooms that were fitted with flat-screen televisions, private bathrooms, and free toiletries. There is a butcher social club, a gym area, bike and car hire, and a Gibson guitar in each room.

As mentioned earlier, the hotel is located on Adam tower and this has both pros and cons. The location is one of the best rated in Amsterdam with guests expressing more contentment here as compared to other areas. This is especially so for couples who were the most during our visit and they described the place as ideal for a two-person visit. The hotel is only 13km to the Schiphol Airport. The only disadvantage of the location is the possible noise resulting from the different clubs in the building. Some of the differentiating factors are in their products which are distinguished. For instance, the rooms are fitted with flat-screen televisions and guitars for the guests to have a good time. Employing EHPC is also a strategy since the company is specialized in the management of hotels and as such delivers exemplary services.

Zoku Hotel

Another hotel that we visited was the Zoku Hotel, Amsterdam. This hotel offers services for professional travels and as such is at times referred to as re-invented apartment hotel. The hotel offers a home-office hybrid kind of services that allow people to work and socialize at the same time. The hotel also offers an opportunity to personalize one's space with a person's taste. The hotel has adopted a mixed-use development strategy in its investment. This strategy ensures that the owners utilize every resource of the hotel to acquire profit. This is triggered by several factors including the rising cost of land which exerts pressure to developers to maximize economic value and minimize risks.

Zoku mixed-use development involves the incorporation of the following investment options. One, the hotel building which has an apartment component, that is, having both owned and rental apartments. Two, commercial office component. Zoku offers offices for professionals who are on business visit. The hotel offers them accommodation on the apartment option and an office on the commercial office option. Third. Zoku offers retail spaces and apartments for sale or rent. On this option, the developers of Zoku offers spaces for retailers who want to start businesses in that location.

Mixed-use development strategy has several benefits to the real estate owner. First, it diversifies risks such that if one option fails, one can rely on another. Second, the economic value of the real estate is raised and the owner is likely to make more profit as compared to a one-option investment. Similar benefits are realized by the hotel operator. Offering the range of services allows for accommodation of more guests and at varied prices. It also broadens the clientele visiting the hotel.


Name and type of ownership company: (2)

Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Hotel

Owned by Hilton Hotels & Resort Conservatorium Hotel, Amsterdam.

The ownership of the hotel lies with the management of the Conservatorium hotel.

Type of brand affiliation, and relationships: (2)

Affiliates with brands such as Company.

The relationship with the two brand companies is one of partnership as the hotel has been receiving guests since 2015 The hotel is affiliated with brands in the architectural and art industry. This explains the touch in the walls and rooms of the hotel.

Description of the concept - product, services, philosophy: (4)

Products offered in this hotel include foodstuff, entertainment, leisure and free Wi-Fi

Services include accommodation, fitness, and holiday offers services. Products and services offered include free Wi-Fi, Outdoor pool, laundry service, paid parking, air-conditioner, and business centre services.

Amenities include a striking glass atrium, 2 upscale restaurants, spa, and a hip bar.

USP and differentiation factors: (2)

Unique Selling Proposition is their diverse products and services that cater to a wide range of customers.

They are also familiar with most of the languages around the globe and this acts best in service. USP factors are in their services such as the Nepresso machines, rainfall showers, and loft bedrooms.

It also has a Neo-Gothic facade.

Which one you consider more innovative and why? (2)

Conservatorium. Although it is internally managed, it has been able to expand its services into various sections to cater for a wide range of clientele.

Which one would you choose to invest in from an owner perspective and why? (2)

Its set of services and the stability of the hotel can allow for expansion internationally. Company Company is a global company involves with booking accommodations online. The company was founded in 1996 in Amsterdam by Geert-Jan Bruinsma who became the first employee. In 2005, the company was acquired by Booking Holdings Inc. which has over 300 employees and operating in 40 countries. By 2017, the company had over 190 offices worldwide serving customers and partners. In the current year 2018, Company has over 17,000 people worldwide utilizing it, 1.6 million active participants, and five million listings. It has turned out to be a world leader in the booking accommodation industry.

The role of the company lies in the accommodation and travel sectors. As such, it partners with hotel and travel companies to offer these services. The role of the company is to link the client/customer with the hotel of his or her choice depending on the needs of the booking. Branded hotel companies are at an advantage since they can be easily identified and their services are recognized widely. Independent hotels too have a chance with especially when a client specifies the hotel he or she wants to stay. In the area of innovation and product development, is in partnership with other companies that offer services that are linked to travel and as such they at times help promote these products in their online platforms. The company has employees who are responsible for booking clients accommodation. These employees are in the different offices worldwide. In terms of revenue, the company receives payment online as that is its mode of operation.

The company has an expansion plan which aims at increasing the number of employees, client base, and offices worldwide. By 2020, the company aims at connecting to 7.6 billion people with 52 billion connected objects. The success of the company lies in their use of technology and innovation in their operations. The partnerships with other service providers also place them at a notch higher.

In conclusion, the field trip was not only a learning experience but also an exciting and adventurous one.

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