Homework Complications - Free Essay in Education

Published: 2019-10-16
Homework Complications - Free Essay in Education
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By giving children homework, we take up the little quality time that the students are expected to spend with their family. The reason behind this is that children end up doing homework in the evening or at night when the parents are at home instead of having that family moment. In addition to this homework brings quarrels at home as parents force the children to spend time doing their homework rather than doing other activities such as watching television. Cameron and Bartel (2008) says that homework is a major source of arguments at home as most of the students do not willingly do their homework without being reminded by their parents, which at time results to tension. Cameron and Bartel (2008) supports this argument in their work which they composed based on a collection of over 1000 responses from the parents regarding homework. The author allowed different parents to give their various opinions regarding the sociological effects of homework at home. From the information obtained the author explains to us a set of two key findings that were arrived at after questioning the parents regarding homework. The author reveals to us the cry of the parents stating the fact that their children are in school for over six hours. From the parents point of view as shown in this book, 6 hours is enough for study and that giving students homework is just a way of taking up the time that is meant for the family. As such this source is very useful while answering the question as it gives us the insight into parental concerns regarding homework and its sociological effects.

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Homework needs to be minimized from schools as the consequences resulting from it outdo the possible benefits. Homework has a side effect when it comes to the development of children. From the teachers point of view, it is found out that homework brings with it issues to do with inequality and a reduction of the time set for the extracurricular activities. Children end up consuming the time that was meant for the extracurricular activity to do the homework. As a result, children are forced to give up an important part of their development to books. Davis (2016) informs us on the benefits and the consequences that result from introducing homework in the primary and junior classrooms. Moreover, Davis enables us to understand that indeed homework has an adverse side effect in both the school and home environment.

Teachers do not bother to explain why they give the homework assignments and their relevance to the educational system. Homework is a hidden curriculum that jeopardizes the standard theory and practice of education as it is expected. Anyon (1980) introduces us to a new whole concept regarding the Social class and the hidden curriculum activity. The article talks about the experience that the author had found in five elementary schools. Furthermore, the article contrasts the elementary schools and the social class community. Anyon uses various examples of her work to help us understand the class experiences and the knowledge we get from the curriculum in schools. The article in itself brings us to a cutting edge that introduces us to the hidden curriculum that exists in the schools. Consequently, it is noted that it is true that people get exposed to different types of learning experience following political economy and the sociological aspects. As such this article is very relevant in tackling the question as it helps us understand how political issues and social status influence education.


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