Homelessness in Hawaii: Request for Proposal, Free Essay for Students

Published: 2022-09-29
Homelessness in Hawaii: Request for Proposal, Free Essay for Students
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In both society and business, one of the main consistent and common factors is change. Throughout history industries and countries have been shattered or forged through change. Government organizations and businesses apply some tools and strategies to drive and manipulate change. Proposals are the key things which are applicable in accomplishing this. They are used for some reasons with the aim of driving and shaping change linked to prospects; nevertheless, there is usually a disconnection between the government agency or business organization that has the fundamental prerequisite and source of managing and fulfilling that requirement (Andrea, 2003). A request for proposal (RFP) is a tool applicable in connecting these two sources and facilitating the proposal's formation and outline process. RFP's are practically announcements in which the agency or client seeks a plan for a particular project, and they vary regarding format, structure, and length; nevertheless, there are some factors which are reliable across effective RFPs.

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While writing a request for a proposal or a funding opportunity announcement, the first and most significant bit is to identify and define what is being sought. In this case, the primary matter is the mental health issue associated with homelessness in Hawaii. Therefore, the grant proposal would focus on strategies of providing housing to the homeless Hawaiians as the first step, which could then be followed by building mental asylums to help tackle the mental health issue in the region. This phase would assist in setting up the rest of the RFP and play a noteworthy part in the real generation and end goal of the grant proposal. Next would be to identify a publishing platform for the RFP and who will receive the request. After which, the RFP would require to be adjusted to make sure that it incorporates every necessary information for the completion and handing over of the proposal (Kutcher, 2009). The next approach would be to find an exact timeline.

The research program on homelessness in Hawaii intends to enter into a contract with the community services department, mental health department, social care, and health practitioners, and the general public health sector of Hawaii to generate projects that will aid the homeless individuals in Hawaii. Homelessness is linked to several psychological disorders in underprivileged communities, and more than fifty percent of homeless individuals in Honolulu have mental disorders including schizophrenia, anxiety, dementia, or depression. This program aims at creating transitional shelter programs for a homeless individual in partnership with the Hawaiian community. The proposed transitional shelter program and mental asylum are small but significant efforts towards ending homelessness for women and children in Hawaii. There is a remarkable lack of resources currently existing for the female homeless population; hence, creating a program which would better assist and serve this vulnerable group of homeless individuals will be a worthwhile and exciting experience. Offering a safe environment for homeless women and children through a transitional shelter program and mental asylum will permit the homeless to concentrate on their healing process from previous trauma's, developing lifestyle skills, and re-stabilizing rather than defending their safety on a nightly basis as they spend nights on the streets.

Hence, to reduce the rates of mental health illnesses among the homeless in Hawaii, this project is accepting proposals to develop, design, and host new community platforms to target homeless individuals. The plans need to be open-minded and focused on the community healthcare. The proposal needs to be submitted before the deadline of 22nd November 2018 and needs to give extensive details of the victim's categorical health and social care needs. Acceptance and judgment will take place before 7th December 2018, and the implementation will begin no later than 2nd January 2019 with the final project launched by the end of January. The RFP will be publicized by sending the RFP through the electronic mail to a list of possible donors pre-approved by the Hawaiian health and human service department. Submissions can be posted at the community hospital's drop box or through e-mail. To qualify and have a proposal evaluated, a potential vendor needs to meet the least qualifications of having a proof of experience working in a mental health department and for private or government facilities, asylums, or social care institutions. The practitioners will also have to do one hundred percent of the work. Written questions can be submitted by e-mail, or letters dropped at the community hospital's drop box. All responses to the inquiries will be in email or paper form.

Applying an RFP thus helps in connecting the agency or organization to the appropriate solution to fulfill their requirements. Hence, to be effective, the RFP needs to be customized according to the individual or company needs, and there are more stages following the RFP submission before the acceptance and implementation of the proposal (Kinash, 2016). Although, on the instance that an RFP is not correctly formulated, it could be a restricting tool-limiting the project's success and growth. Consequently, traditional RFP expressed out of habit might not have the appropriate components for forwarding thinking and innovative modifications in the current health sector.


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